Lazy House Shenanigans

We are a established Hostel with a great reputation , we have beautiful Rock star themed rooms and many dorms of all sizes . We cater mainly for Guests wanting to party at the world famous Fullmoon Party or Sample some of Haad rins famous night life .

Our busiest time of the month is during the world renowned full moon party along with the Half moon parties. During this time we tend to pull together as team to get the job done. You will be working closely with the Lazy Shenanigans Team to ensure Full moon goes smoothly. All that being said we know how party here, we live on a party island and it's part of life here. We are also flexible when it comes to our volunteers wanting time to explore the rest of this beautiful island and the islands nearby (Koh Samui and Koh Tao). In between full moon parties island life is much slower and way more relaxed. As manager of Shenanigans I've lived and worked here for a year and I want our volunteers to enjoy and love this place as much as I do.

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Excelente experiencia. Me trataron muy bien desde el primer minuto, me brindaron todo y estaban siempre dispuestos a ayudarme. Pase uno de los mejores momentos de mi vida. Todos los que trabajan ahí lo hacen de manera dedicada y con alegria, conocí excelentes personas y me divertí a todo momento.
Lo recomiendo a todos los que sean divertidos y con buena onda.
Si bien en full moon se trabaja mas, es el momento que mas se disfruta.
Un pedacito de mi corazón se quedo e lazy house.

1 mes atrás


The experience in Shenanigans was great! For the 5 weeks I stayed, I had an amazing time, the island is beautiful and on my days off I rented a bike and went to explore. The hostel is very well located, next to some beautiful beaches, and has an amazing pool! The job is easy, at the bar, it was low season so there were not so many guests, and the thai food they provide is really good. Also the volunteers room is good with air cond. The staff is great too, specially Luara and Nikit that were like a family during my stay. I can only say thank you and hope to be back one day!!

2 meses atrás

Jon respondido

Anytime Amanda! come back soon!!!


I thought i'd only stay for a month or so.
But its been so good here, i changed my travel plans & extended my stay.
Work hours are good and they have the best staff iv ever worked with.
From bringing the best Dj's on the island, to day tours around Ko Pha-ngan, Lazy House is a great place to work & experience the Island.

Bringing life to the hostel everyday & if you need anything Find Dave, Charlene or Boom to make sure your experience goes with a good flow.

Overall, dont hesitate and find your way to Lazy House.
You'll leave with no regrets.

2 meses atrás

Jon respondido

Thanks nikit you rule :) stay as long as you like :)


It was my first time using WP and this experience was supposed to be a good experience, but it was not.The job there is different from what they describe at WP,which you can adapt but instead of working 32 hours/week the average was 48h/week, and sometimes the shift was 12h/day.There is no free laundry as described.And they do not treat you as a volunteer.People in general are nice but one of the managers is super rude all the times he has to talk to you and in the last day after a 12h shift he yelled at us in front of the guests/staff saying we were not working, which is not true.Frustrating.

3 meses atrás

Jon respondido

Firstly you were not shouted at in front of guests, both you caique were taken to one side and it was explained to you why you were being asked to leave. If you didn't feel like a volunteer it's because you didn't work as part of the team. Sorry it didn't work out for you and best of luck with the rest of your travels.


A carga horária é mentirosa, o acordado eram 30h por semana, assim que cheguei me entregaram a escala de trabalho que a média semanal era 48h de trabalho!! Por 3 dias seguidos tinha que trabalhar 12h por dia! Apliquei para a vaga de fotógrafo e me falaram que eu iria "ajudar" no bar, mas a realidade foi que fiquei SÓ no bar todos os dias.
Um dos gerentes é muito grosso, eu e minha amiga tivemos que sair do voluntario 2 semanas antes, pois discutimos com esse genrente. Ele começou a gritar com a gente na frente de todo mundo(staff e clientes) falando que não estavamos trabalhando, humilhante

3 meses atrás

Jon respondido

Caique, you were asked to leave as you were constantly on your phone to the point where you were ignoring guests. You say you applied for the photography role but on the couple of occasions I did ask you to get your camera out there was always an excuse for you not to do it. You were given freebies to parties , free food and accommodation. You were not shouted in front of guests you where taken to one side and it was explained to you why you being asked to leave. sorry but your general attitude and work ethic was pretty poor. We work as team here. All that being said we wish all the best and enjoy your travels.

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