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We are a established Hostel with a great reputation , we have beautiful Rock star themed rooms and many dorms of all sizes . We cater mainly for Guests wanting to party at the world famous Fullmoon Party or Sample some of Haad rins famous night life .

Our busiest time of the month is during the world renowned full moon party along with the Half moon parties. During this time we tend to pull together as team to get the job done. You will be working closely with the Lazy Shenanigans Team to ensure Full moon goes smoothly. All that being said we know how party here, we live on a party island and it's part of life here. We are also flexible when it comes to our volunteers wanting time to explore the rest of this beautiful island and the islands nearby (Koh Samui and Koh Tao). In between full moon parties island life is much slower and way more relaxed. As manager of Shenanigans I've lived and worked here for a year and I want our volunteers to enjoy and love this place as much as I do.


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I had the most fun 3 weeks at Lazy House Shenanigans, I wish I could stay longer! I am so glad I did it! Met amazing people during my time there; the owner, staffs and guests are beyond friendly and easy going. I was helping out at the pool bar and learned how to mix drinks which is really cool. Super fun atmosphere to work in, the team is so great! And Koh Phangan itself is a gem. I wish I can come back soon. Apply right away, you'll be happy you did it!!

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Lazy house is a fantastic experience. The work is easy and fun. The host and staff are very accommodating and friendly. I highly recommended this and hope to be back sometime.

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I don't recommend volunteering at the reception. I had to pretend to be a guest and sit all day on a sofa in a hot room with mosquitoes, stay behind my computer and still keep an eye on guests needs. The real issue was the receptionist and manager being rude to me, in her own words, she had to tell me something twice (is that a reason to be rude to anyone?). The rules changed from the day I arrived and I was not officially told which caused discomfort. Accommodation had no AC (good luck trying to sleep). When I said I wanted to quit, I was given one hour to pack and leave. Bad experience.

4 meses atrás

Jon respondido

Thanks for the feedback regarding the dorm. All volunteers are now in an air con dorm. No one was rude to you I asked you to help out and to do the work you volunteered for. You weren't given an hour to leave, you were here until late afternoon and walked out of your 6 hour shift before midday. No rules were changed while you were here, you did seem to be in your own world half the time or on your laptop which isn't suited to this role. All the volunteers that were here when you arrived are still here and some have stayed on. Sorry you didn't enjoy your stay here :( but either way I wish you all the best.


Best Hostel in the world or Best Hostel in the world. Expect to see me around!

4 meses atrás


Volunteering at Lazy House SHENANIGANS has been the greatest experience of my life. I had to work at the Pool Bar, which is a great place to get to know people from all around the world.
The staff is lovely, the place is really cool, and believe me, you´ll never have so much fun as you´ll here!

5 meses atrás

Jon respondido

Love you Francisco :) you are very much missed :) come back soon :)

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