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We have an amazing hostel in Faro and want you to be part of our team. We need enthusiastic and social people to help us. This is an amazing opportunity to spend some time in the sunny Algarve region and to meet people from different cultures while helping us to run a friendly and fun hostel. So, hard-working, enthusiastic and creative people: you can stop looking for another host, pack your stuff and come to Faro!

We offer great conditions for volunteers to work and also to enjoy their time with us. The working hours are fair and we give good accommodation and delicious food in return!

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Faro is a really nice place , the hostel is super nice as well , great team , job is easy
Thanks le penguin to be part of you team


12 días atrás


I’ve chosen the best place to start my worldpackers life. Staff has become my family and I’m so glad I got to meet all those amazing people. What else can I say? Best place I have ever chosen, thank you all! I’ll miss everyone!

2 meses atrás


Amazing experience.
Le penguin was my first home in Portugal and I couldn’t of found a better place to start. The staff became my family and I’ve made friends for life. As far as Hostels go Le Penguin is beautiful, clean, spacious and has an amazing atmosphere with both guests and staff. Lots of drinking and socialising! Work is split into day and night shifts with enough free time to explore faro and all the Algarve has to offer. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to find a home away from home. Could not thank the staff and Diego enough for my time here.

4 meses atrás


I definitely had one of the most amazing experience in my life! It was my first experience as a worldpacker and it wouldn’t be better than what I had! The hostel has such a great energy and vibe! The installation is great and Diego always made me feel part of the family helping me and being friendly! The shifts were ok and we have plenty of time to enjoy the city and around! I extremely recommend this experience in Le Penguin hostel and I’ll definitely go back again at least for visiting! Thanks Le penguin family

4 meses atrás


The experience was great thanks to the other volunteers and full time staff. It was also worth getting to know the guests who were very nice. However, the owner of the hostel was rude ,arrogant and never grateful with the volunteers. He made you feel umconfortable and had a very immature attitude. Thank goodness my colleagues were great. I wouldn't recommend to volunteer in this hostel, at least while the owner remains the same person.

5 meses atrás

Diego respondido

Celia was part of the 4 spanish people who came here without telling me they were all friends from back home. We have tried many times to integrate them in our group to make them confortable., but they had no interest in being with anyone else who was not part of their group. She couldnt understand what kind of people we want here, and instead of that would just question the ways things are done at this hostel. It was not the right place for her, she probably knew about it once she read the message I send to the applicants, but she still came.

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