Legends of Bruges Headquarters

Bruges is the most beautiful city in Europe and you'll have the chance to become a guide in it. You'd be staying in your own room in a house by the canals with a local from Bruges, so you'll be getting the real Bruges experience!!

We are a team of 9 guides, all from Bruges and all speaking perfect English. Youy'd be hanging around mostly in the Bauhaus hostel, a really cool hostel in Bruges that we work together with for our tours.

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My time in Bruges was absolutely amazing. The job is super fun and my home for those two months was absolutely pretty and comfortable. I'm really glad I got to experience Bruges through this opportunity.

Thank you Simon and all the Legends of Bruges team, I had an amazing time.

2 meses atrás


Bruges, one of the most amazing and beautiful places I've been wouldn't be as incredible without the people I knew there. So much to learn, so much to see and so much to enjoy. Best first experience as a worldpacker, I'd be really happy to return anytime. Give yourself the chance to enjoy the privilege this place is.

12 meses atrás

Costa Rica

Being part of Legends of Bruges was awesome, not only lived in the heart of Bruges which is an amazing medieval city, but I mean the atmosphere of the whole Legends of Bruges Team, you can feel like home and with family =D, also waffles, beers and chocolate as daily basics is not bad. To have been a tour guide in that wonderful place was an honor, Simon-Simon, you were an amazing host,!!! and also a good, good friend a full experience on Bruges. Thanks for everything

1 año atrás

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