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The house is well hidden in a little forest 🌳 with a fresh running water spring just outside of our main door but still located at the center of a small village with all conveniences close by (ATMs, supermarket, doctors office, pharmacy, car/scouter rental, crafts & general shops, restaurants, taverns, music clubs, coffee shops, hairdresser, post office, even traditional Greek churches-you can hear the bell ringing, etc). Although it is in the center of the village, it is very quiet and serene. Our rooftop has a spectacular view of the sea and sunset, where someone can relax and enjoy. 🌅🌇 Five marvelous beaches 🏖️🐚 are within walking distance from our house (5-25 minutes). One more beach within 55 min walk. The Island of Andros where we are located has numerous well marked trails to follow. If you like hiking, you may join our guests or go by yourself. We will explain you in full details where to go or what to see and explore everywhere in Andros.

This is a tiny place. It is a my private small home that hosts guests in several indoor and outdoor spaces and tents. As such I do not offer too much structure nor do I have a reception or other standarized assignments. In April we prepare the house for summer guests and in October we prepare the house for winter but since I stay here year round there is always something to do... During the summer season I can not afford staff so I do everything myself helped by would be volunteers. If it gets very busy in July and August and volunteers are up to a full day work I offer small compensation too. If we get full at that time (or anytime) we all sleep at an adjacent field outside or in tents. I will expect all that come here to post multiple times in instagram tagging the house... To get a feel of a place you can read reviews in Hostelworld, We will treat you as a friend guest!!!!


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Lemon Tree me proporcionou as melhores noites de sono que já tive viajando! Estar cercada pela natureza, pelo canto dos pássaros- mesmo a apenas alguns passos de todo comércio necessário - foi muito prazeroso e relaxante. Miltos mora no local, respeitando o que ele vislumbra como fundamental para a própria casa, tudo sairá bem. Os outros voluntários foram fundamentais para tornar a experiência inesquecível, compartilhando as atividades diárias (que são físicas e gerais, mas poucas horas por dia) me trouxerem a sensação de estar em casa e em família… serão lindas memórias para a vida!

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The Lemon Tree is a really great place to stay if you’re looking to take some time out. It’s a really quiet place where you’ll be doing a lot of garden work. Miltos, Eleana and Ion are all really nice too.

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I loved my experience at Lemon Tree! The hostel is in the perfect location close to beaches, shops, food etc but you still feel secluded. Batsi is a beautiful town on a beautiful island with amazing but quiet beaches.
In terms of work it’s lots of gardening, building, manual labour type stuff but it’s only a couple hours a day usually in the morning, so you have loads of free time!
I made some really great friends there with other volunteers as well as guests from all over the world. There is not much structure and communication could be better but I loved my time there. Thanks Miltos!

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My experience in the Lemon Tree home was truly amazing. Andros is a beautiful island, full of amazing beaches and hikes. The work was mainly around the garden, which for me was really rewarding, and the volunteer's team was amazing and very supportive!

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La isla, andros, es hermosa, es bastante pequeña, en época de invierno no es la mejor para ir, porque estarás muy solo.
Me alegré de tener una compañera por las 2 semanas que estuve, gracias a ella pude sobrellevar la situación con el host, que al comienzo fue amable, pero después hubo problemas con el y había cero comunicación.
Puedo decir también que para una persona que adore la naturaleza, introspección, es una gran experiencia.
Pero habría que dejar en claro, las horas de trabajo, los desayunos y las tareas que se harán.

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