Let's Rock Party Hostel

We are perfect for parties! For real! :) But also In a free time volunteers can visit the city and famous places nearby (Salt Mine, Auschwitz, popular mountain city Zakopane) and of course spending time together with our superb team :)

We are party lovers, nightlife style beautiful animals, in love with music and memes! Spending our time  joining the nightlife with  guests from all over the world and trying famous Polish pierogi all together.

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Amazing! The people, the staff, the place. You will find true friends in here, and a lot of parties 🎉. Tasks are easy and hours are fair.
I will for sure come back!

hace 28 días



I decided within a week of being here I was coming back to volunteer again. The people are amazing. The management team are friendly and really look after you. If you’re a fun-loving person who loves a pubcrawl it’s your spot for sure

hace 29 días

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My experience at let’s rock party hostel was so much better than my expectations. The bosses are all so committed to making sure everyone is happy. The job is exactly what they say it is and it’s very fun.

I have made lifelong friends here and would love come back In a heartbeat.
Thank you to everyone at let’s rock for making this experience as amazing as it was for me❤️

hace 2 meses



Absolutely loved working here. My first day I was welcomed in with open arms and this very quickly became my home away from home. I hope to be back soon ❤️

hace 3 meses



This was my first volunteering experience and it couldn’t be better. Staying in this hostel was amazing. I worked with incredible people, that i can now call them my very good friends. My managers were always so understanding, staff hours were consistent, what we agreed upon at the start. Definitely will visit again <3

hace 4 meses

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