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We are ready to show you a part of Brazil hidden from the usual tourist route. Moreover, here in São Sebastião, you will get to experience the local food and way of life and interact with a loving community.

We expect you to stay with us for at least one month. No prior knowledge of Portuguese is required. You don't have to be a native English speaker but you must have an advanced level. In addition to the regular lessons, we have a special Friday activity designed to give students the opportunity to practice English in a more natural way, similar to what we experience when traveling abroad. So you'll be expected to give a workshop that can range from talking about your home country/culture to sharing your unique skills with students, whether this is dance, yoga, painting or any other interesting activities.

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A experiencia foi muito gostosa, nunca tinha lecionado antes e acabou sendo algo muito legal.
A equipe da escola é muito bacana. e a região muito bonita, para todos aqueles que tem vontade de passar pelo lugar, é altamente recomendável.
Sejam honestos sobre suas habilidades para que possam ter a melhor experiencia possível e não causar nenhum desconforto ao longo da sua estadia.

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