Lieu Dit Vieilles Vignes

In the heart of rural France, so quiet you can literally hear the leaves falling from the trees. Talking of trees we have many of them as 12 acres of our land is oak forest. Lots of country walks, one or two small cafes and restaurants within a few kilometers of our house. Plenty of spots to sit and read or just contemplate the world. We have a pool which you would be welcome to enjoy, but there is also a fabulous leisure lake in the nearby village (beach, cafe, paddle boarding, bannana boat rides...)

Myself and my husband (the staff!) are early retirees in our late 50's. We like to walk, play tennis, do pilates, swim when it is warm enough. We spend most of our time on 'land management' as we moved to a house which had not been loved for many years and it needs lots of TLC. You will be welcomed as part of our family and would be welcome to join us for all your meals, we would be happy to drop off and pick up in the local area if you wanted time away. We would also be happy to show you the local area over the weekends if you wanted.

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