Lima Backpackers

Our backpackers accommodation is located in Santiago de Surco, a beautiful residential area of Lima, very close to touristy areas like Barranco or Miraflores. We have space to host at the most eight backpackers per night. As our accommodation is small we try to give our guests a different and more personal service. We started hosting travelers as a hobby in 2009 and started this project in 2012. Since then our accommodation has become one of the most popular in Lima, with very high ratings on different travelers sites. As we are now quite busy we are looking for a volunteer who can support us a bit.

Our volunteers in exchange 1) will get to know and interact with travelers from all over the world 2) will have a great opportunity to practice their Spanish in a city where locals speak mostly Spanish 3) will have the opportunity to explore different aspects of one of the most interesting capitals in Latin America.

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