Lisbon Landscape Hostel

A volunteer at Lisbon Landscape will feel not only a member in the team but also a member in the family. The opportunity to meet different cultures and in particular one of the most amazing cities in Europe.

The team: A multicultural couple (portuguese + brazilian); And other brazilian couple. Everyone will do the best to make you feel very sad when the time to leave arrives.

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A Débora, o Rogério e o time Landscape me receberam como parte da família e fizeram da minha estadia em Lisboa a melhor possível. Além de serem super divertidos e manter o clima do hostel sempre alto astral, pude conhecer a cidade através de uma perspectiva que vai além da visão turística.
O trabalho é bem tranquilo e flexível e eles estão sempre abertos para dicas e sugestões de melhoria. Além disso, sempre que possível pode-se ajustar os horários já que Any, Maicon e Pablo são bem de boa caso precise de uns dias extras de folga. ;D
Só tenho a agradecer pela experiência! \o/

7 días atrás


The experience ever in my life. Here I could improve my skills in a lot of things and the vibe is awesome.

10 meses atrás


Melhor experiencia! Debora foi como uma mae, e Rogerio um amor de pessoa.
Todo o staff muito prestativo e amigos. . . Pessoas que levarem para vida <3

11 meses atrás

Rogério respondido

Obrigada, Milena. Sabe o carinho que temos por si.


My stay in the Lisbon Landscape Hostel was really good! All the staffs were really awesome, they created a really good atmosphere... The tasks were quite easy and I was supported by the older staffs... Débora, the manager, is a sweetheart. The hostel is good and the bed is confortable. If you wanna a GREAT stay in Lisbon, enjoying the hostel's life, HERE's your place.

más de 1 año atrás


My overall experience at the hostel was great.
The problem is the hostel itself and Debora, the manager. There were many issues related with the hostel.
First of all, a lot of bed bugs, I had many clients complaining about it every day and I was bitten myself.
There were often problems with overbooking. I had to sleep on the couch several times. Because the manager let guests go into my room without even telling me. She didn't even give me the time to take my stuff out of the room.
I spoke with a lot of other volunteers and they told me it's not out of the ordinary in this hostel.

casi 2 años atrás

Rogério respondido

Hi Nicolló!

About your comment!
Your time here was not good for us!
First you was not friendly. Only another volunteer(italian). You know, how many complaints I had about you from your collegues.
Oftem get drunk and sleeping a lot. And always gossipining. It is why nobody missed you here,
Unfortunatelly, we had bed bugs. In the summer the guests brought it, And is complicated to do stronger desinfestation, Because the hostel is always busy! But it is over 3 months ago.
I woudl not recommend you.
However you are kind with any guests.

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