Little Flower Mercy Home

Our place is more than a comfortable place and people who believe in charity can enjoy there time here. it's nearby the famous tourist place Munnar and we are always making our guest maximum satisfaction.

I was born and bought up here only and from my childhood, I am like a volunteer here. all our staffs are the same as me and we always make sure about it that they are delivering there best service .a volunteer can be treated as per there expectations

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Good: whole experience was amazing and I recommend it. People need you and they are lovely and kind. DePaul and Domic are the best and will help you with anything you need.
Bad: at the beginning, I felt that I was useless. This is because they don't explain you anything about schedules and your functions, so you are very lost. You need to be very very proactive, propose your own activities and do it by yourself. If you are a woman, the girls house where you will live closes at 19. 00 h, so you need to arrive before this hour or maybe nobody will be able to open the door for you.

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My experience in Mercy Home was really great! Both the older people and the children they take care of are amazing, they are all worth getting to know.
Regarding what you can do there, there are no tasks as such that they will send you. People are generally self-sufficient, so our biggest contribution was taking charge of social media to promote the place and try to get donations. It is one of the tasks that is most needed there (although we also do other tasks in the kitchen, serving food, teaching certain subjects to the girls or keeping company with the older ladies, who normally feel alone

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I spent an amazing time at Mercy Home, felt really welcomed. There is a lot that can be done on various subjects so you will always find something that fits you.
The children are adorable and eager to talk with you and spend time on activities, you just need to take the time to get to know them!
Depaul and all the staff are very nice and cheerful, you will always have someone to help and to talk to.
The surroundings of Mercy Home are beautiful, if you are looking for nature, hikes and peacefulness, this is the place to go!

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Volunteering at Little Flower Mercy Home brought a lot of joy to my life. The children are engaging and enjoy getting to know the international volunteers. They are very sociable and I was happy to help them with homework, gardening, taking care of the animals, etc.

DePaul and his family care about their volunteers and I was integrated to the NGO as soon as I arrived. I had such great time with the other volunteers and DePaul's brother as well, who would show us around much that we could have done on our own in the same time.

Thank you for this rich experience, see you soon !

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Everyone was so nice to me! The surrounding is extremely beautiful. The kids are sweet and love if you interact with them. It was interesting to stay there. Thank you <3

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