Live Again Ministries And Shalom Junior School

Ha! we hope to improve every other day. BUT!
NOTE: We recieve Volunteers through out the year and at any time of the year.

We will offer good accommodation for free of charge, with tight security, The rooms are single, Double and can be shared depending on the volunteers need. The bath rooms are both internal and outside the rooms but very near. The water for use in the outside bathrooms, is drawn from the well in the compound of the volunteers house, however, the caretaker ensures every room is supplied with water for outside bath rooms. The in house bath rooms are as well supplied with water through the help of the caretaker. Once you are in Uganda, I am verily responsible for your comfort and security, that is why we will host you at our visitor's residences where i will take responsibility of your full time stay in Bugiri. There are gardens with a beautiful environment for your evening free time and relaxation. I have enough rooms to accommodate even teams.(Check Photo gallery) offer good and on time break fast, fresh Lunch and dinner and tea or coffee at any time of need or wish. We have both Electricity and a stand by generator for lights and other needs. We are blessed with a number of staff who will take care of your rooms for outstanding room service, such that you don't spend much time setting up your room, but you return when they are serviced, be sure of the Laundry services for free. The kids and youth are amazing. These are all from a humble background. Some are Orphans and others are too vulnerable where as others are from child headed families. When Volunteering with us, you will Experience the Ugandan way of life and enjoy evening country walks through our rural based communities.
Gain Ugandan fluency by interacting with a number of kids from different family backgrounds and sharing daily life with the local community through sports and enjoying various community activities like Sports etc.
come and Make memories you will never forget during weekend excursions and tours with your fellow participants or as an individual or as a team of volunteers, seeing our abundant natural resources and tourist attractions in the pearl of Africa Uganda.

WIFI is available for free to all Volunteers to connect back home, both at school and at the place of accommodation. However it is limited access at the project sites.

As Hosts, Volunteering with us is for free and totally for free. BUT we ask you to stand with us through making any comfortable contribution of your choice in accordance to your Budget to enable us make your stay a memorable one and meet other expenses for the projects to run. These include, Data for wifi, Telecommunication, transportation, Security, Electricity or Gas.
70% of your contribution facilitates in the buying of any required items for field use and program facilitation. These are very key when interacting with kids. 20% of your Contribution goes on volunteers daily food staff and drinks that a volunteer may need but may not be easily available in the local market and affordable by the Host, and the 10% facilitates on administrative costs at Live Again and Shalom school.

Volunteer opportunities are available through out the year at any time of the year.

Depending on how long a volunteer would wish to stay.
NOTE: our services are free of Charge.

Making a donation to the Ministry and school is done at a free will. we do not demand or ask for donations from any Volunteer. However in good faith and with a welcoming heart, we will not hesitate to receive any donations in case it has been made towards the Ministry.

RONALD WABWIRE is A pastor who undertook a three year’s Leadership development and discipleship program training alongside attaining their Bachelor’s degree from Kyambogo University, and thereafter attained a degree in church Leadership and Theological studies from Miracle Bible College in Kampala Uganda and post graduate diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation of Uganda Management Institute in Uganda. LIVE AGAIN Ministries is registered as an NGO REG. NO. BGR1059/2600 Registered by the Bugiri District Community development office and at the National Level as a faith based organization, doing works beyond just Organizational. Is a non-partisan, non-discrimination, reaching out to all groups of people for the sake of humanitarian well being. LIVE AGAIN MINISTRIES founded a school - SHALOM JUNIOR SCHOOL a privately owned school. SHALOM JUNIOR SCHOOL IN BUGIRI is a boarding and day school. In the Boarding section we have 175 kids where as the day section (Those who come to study and go back home) are 560, making a total of 735 kids of Shalom. The school was founded in the year 2012 and was established in the year 2013, the Month of January. It is a young but growing school with a Christian foundation. It was founded by the elders of Live Again Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Wabwire Ronald and Pastor Osinya Moses. It is a registered school by the Ministry of education and sports in Uganda. Was established with a mission of supporting vulnerable children who are not able to access education for one reason or the other. These range from street kids, homeless kids, orphans, children from child headed families and so on. We are now supporting 50 kids. We are happy to mention that all the 50 kids that are fully supported by the ministry in shalom, fall under that category. We however opened up the school to admission of other kids that could be enrolled but pay school tuition for the services they will attain while in shalom. We are glad that many parents and caretakers have loved the deliveries of the school and they are continuing to bring us kids. so your coming will expose you to a number of kids. The 50 kids are on a home based program during Holidays. that means that they have Center days; Saturday and Sunday where they meet and have fun, learn a number of things. But we have them full time during school days since they are on boarding program at our school. The school has 14 qualified teachers whom you will meet to have a great experience with the kids. we should say that these are few due to limited funds. We have a caretaker allocated to volunteers responsible for the volunteer's food, Room service and Laundry. I Ronald and Moses are available full time and in most cases, we our selves hire a car and pick you from the Airport. AIR PORT PICKUP AND DROP BACK AT ENTEBBE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: We kindly ask Volunteers to meet their Transportation for pick up and drop back. I Ronald or any staff can contact reliable and cheap companies for your picking and dropping at airport. Pickup and Dropping Costs about $225. (700,000 UGX) This is an estimate subject to change by fluctuations depending on the exchange rate. (NOTE: The Host is not responsible for any private travel arrangement for any volunteer made outside the Host's Knowledge) We pick volunteers from the airport on their arrival schedule that should be communicated to us before arrival by the volunteer .The volunteer is picked by me or the Program Manager or can be picked by another delegated person with a document /password that is being communicated to be used for proper identification of each other. Meet very Loving and experienced staff who are equipped and hospitable staff, with all Qualities to serve the kids and youth with you. VACCINES: Volunteers to Uganda must ensure that they have a proof of vaccination against yellow fever (Must have a yellow fever Card) And a Covid19 Vaccination proof is a must. INSURANCE: Going abroad is an adventure and it is always best to be prepared. sudden illness or injury, cancellation or theft. A travel insurance provides security and is a plus to have. WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED? Visa Costs, Flights Costs ,Travel Insurance Costs, Vaccinations Costs are NOT included in the Administrative Program fees contributed to the Ministry or Host. TRAVEL TO TOURIST CENTERS: All travel, feeding, tourist fees and accommodation costs to tourist centers, National parks etc are met by you the volunteer or visitor. FOOD AND BEVERAGES Food and Drinks are provided at the following program: 8.00am to 9:00am We provide breakfast, 10.00am to 11:00am break tea or coffee, 1.00pm to 2.00pm we serve Lunch, 5.00pm to 6.00pm we serve evening tea or coffee, 8.00pm to 9.00pm we serve dinner. Our food is mainly the local organically grown food with a lot of greens, fruits and water which is free from inorganic particles. Vegetarians are manly considered but if you take meat, pork, mutton then we can consider you for that Menu. CERTIFICATES: All volunteers shall be awarded certificates at the end of their service with Live Again ministries and shalom Junior School. This means that every volunteer must walk home with two certificates.


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I have been so blessed to find Ronald's project!!
Ronald and Justine are amazing! They have a really good heart! They always made me feel at home, and they were taking care of me all the time. Their kids are lovely, and they're part of me as well. We have many memories together, and I feel proud to say I have my Ugandan family now!
They are doing a really great job and they are inspiring many people with this beautiful labour!
I love and miss them so much!!
It's been my best experience sharing with kids and being immersed in African culture as all the community in general made me feel special!

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If you are wondering if you should volunteer at Live Again Ministries, don’t doubt it twice and definitely go for it.
Living with Ronald and Justine, the hosts, and their children, was just like being at home. They treated us like we were part of their family since day one and always had their back. Food was amazing and accommodation was too.
At Live Again Ministries you completely immense in Ugandan culture and learn about their traditions. As a volunteer you get to be part of school teaching, and you truly make an impact on the community, which is such a heart fulfilling experience.

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I loved my stay :) Everyone was super nice and welcoming and you'll immediately feel comfortable. They were incredibly open for different ideas or opinions and extremely mindful. The food was amazing and they make sure that you have some options and help you experience local food and culture. Everyone I met was kind. Thank you so much!

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I felt more than welcomed in Ronald’s and Justine’s Home! The people I met were all super friendly, the kids I worked with were great and I learned a lot about culture.
Overall, everybody made this volunteering experience amazing and I can only recommend it!

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The whole experience exceeded our expectations, we could not wish for a better one!
The accommodation was super clean and spacious and offered us privacy. We ate home cooked delicious traditional food which catered to our wishes and needs:)
The program was very diverse. We got to know the women community; their homes, stories and businesses, worked with the local police and prison, visited the church and the local medical facilities...
We had such an amazing time with Ronald, Justine and their whole family that we're gonna go back to spend Christmas with them!
Love you!

hace más de 2 años

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