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Why come here? Things to do in Kitzbühel :- In Winter Skiing Boarding Tobogganing Anything else involving snow Après Ski! In Summer Mountain Biking Horse riding Golf Climbing Walking / Hiking All year Paragliding Daytrips to Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich Plus many Sports and Cultural events, Summer & Winter are both great adventures in the Austrian mountains. Check our twitter to discover how funny is our staff. @snowbunnys_kitz

We are mean and our staff are always treated badly, we do supply bikes, breakfast, ducks, chickens and rabbits blah blah blah etc etc etc.


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Amazing hostel, good vibes, Crazy chikens, cute rabbits and hungry ducks. I had a Great time here, meet very friendly people and cool places. Dave makes you feel at Home. From the moment I arrived I felt lt it would be a different experience, and it was for the better... 100% recommended.

16 días atrás


Mi experiencia en este voluntariado fue una de las mejores, desde que llegué me sentí como en mi casa, muy cómoda. Los horarios de trabajo, se van coordinando con el anfitrión de acuerdo a las necesidades de cada día. El hostel es lindo y cuenta con una cocina, un living con televisión y cervezas. Tienen conejitos, patos y gallinas, y es muy divertido conectar con ellos dándoles de comer sus lechugas y bananas :). El trabajo es tranquilo y el jefe es gracioso, tiene un especial sentido del humor. Me ha llevado a conocer los alrededores y nos ha dado las comidas. recomiendo este voluntariado!

22 días atrás


It was a incredible experience! our host made us have a lot of fun. He took us to know places near Kitzbuhel, and he always gave us everything we needed! It was a love, he is a good crazy man and I love being able to meet him and spend time here! the tasks were very easy and after doing them we had a lot of free time to enjoy the town! I would go again!

30 días atrás


The hardest part for me was to say goodbye.
Dave is a funny person, friendly and very generous. Alex too.
I have no words to thank for everything they've done for me.
I never wanted to leave. I will always keep this experience in my heart.
I already miss Dave and his ducks and bunnies.
Bosssss, I love you your motherfucker ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨

1 mes atrás


This was my first experience with Worldpackers, and I believe I couldn't get a better one!
Alex and Dave are wonderful, they take really good care of their workers, and are pendant you never lack a single thing.
Dave is funny and loud, Alex is really patient and calm(but everybody has their limit!), and both are very nice and kind, they have a HUUUUGE heart!
The animals and place is great and simple, so are the taks.You have to work(you are applying for it)but is not really complicated, and you are not a slave of the place.
I loved spending time in here!Thanks for everything! I miss you!<3

3 meses atrás

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