Living Energy Farm

Living Energy Farm is a 12 year old intentional community and organic farm. We communally share housing, income and labor. Our mission is to demonstrate and promote ecologically sustainable technologies and lifestyles that are accessible to everyone globally. We have developed technpologies that we believe allow us to live within an energy budget that most everyone, and the planet, can afford. Through our day to day living, largely free of fossil fuels, our goal is to serve as a demonstration of how this can be achieved.

We want your experience with us to be more than learning the physical details of farming and solar technology. We hope to share our communal way of living with you, in a way that you feel part of our family for your time here and not just a helper.


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On the day I arrived a family event of the extended family of the owner's house took place, so I guess it was a rather unusual start. But right from the first day on the team of the hacienda welcomed me into the family and encouraged me to get to know everybody. Over the whole period of my two week stay I felt very welcomed, be it by the owners or by the staff working at the hacienda.
It is a calm and rather remote place so there is not a lot of night life going on. But it's the ideal place to get to know the local rural culture. Plus bonus points for a lot of cats and dogs on the Ranch.

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