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Hello everybody, my name Is Fabrizio.

For those who could be interested for the winter i will be looking for an house sitting, including the normal working hours of volunteering, for the period of three months, from December tlll March. One couple would be nice but also ok for a single person, thank you.

" I have been hosting since many years, and i really think today that this way of exchange among people really belongs to the reality of changing that we are leaving in the world.
Unfortunately i think that for me at the moment, having bought an old house with a big land, i would prefer to give priority in hosting people who really have some competences in the agricultural and permacultural world.
I don't have much experience myself and It would be helpful to find someone who wants to learn or already know how to create different things, as projecting the reforestation of the land and planting trees with and efficient water system, the creation of a swimming pond, the fence of the land, building the new entire electrical wire of the house, some experience with buildible materials, especially with natural elements, like cobe or adobe houses and rocket stove, and many things more.
Of course everybody is welcome, people who wants and are prepared to work phisically and manually, even without those experiences that i wrote, and also people who can share their spiritual knowlegde, but those are my priority at the moment, and probably that would be for a while 😀🌱, thank you! "

I live in Valderice in Sicily. I have recently bought a piece of land with a house near Erice, and i’m starting to create my own little quiet environment.
There are so many things to do, to start i would like some help building the new fence and the gate, and then planting trees and plants, with a good irrigation. I have two big wells in the land.
It’s a project of sustainable life for the present and the future where i would build a sustainable and eco friendly house, also have some animals, and cultivate my own food.
For me is very important to have our own garden, where cultivate fresh and seasonal food and also prepare all the products that we use in every day routine, for the house and for the body, in a natural way. I’m normally used to pick different wild plants that i use in different ways, also for the cure of the body.
Something that is important for me, that volunteers that like the project and would like to apply should know, Is that i really would prefer people that use biodegradable products in their body, because the water goes in the ground and i would prefer not chemical elements in the soil.
I’m looking for different kind of help, from manual, on construction and gardening, and also for social media photos, video, and video editing.
I like doing yoga and meditation, and it’s also very important for me to try improve my practice, not just in yoga but in other spirituality disciplines. I recently started to do Qi gong too, and i find myself very related to this discipline, and so any person who want to share his knowledge is very welcomed.
It”s important for me to host people that are respectful with themselves and consequently with the others beings, i truly believe that the first revolution starts in the inner part of everyone. Thank you.

I have different knowledge in construction and plants, so i think that volunteers that would decide to come could learn how to work wood or other materials to build and also learning about gardening or planting. I also know Italian kitchen and i love to prepare natural and old typical Sicilian dishes, always with seasonal vegetables and in a natural way. I think that today reconnect with the biological time of nature could be a strong example of knowledge and also a good way learning about ourself. Sicily has an ancient history, there are so many cultural and historical places to visit around where i live, with also many places to go enjoy the sea in summer.


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The work was very hard and not really what I expected. It was EXTREMELY hot while I was there and the work was outdoors in the sun. The host did make some inappropriate comments that made me feel a bit uncomfortable around him but I think he means well. His leadership skills aren’t great it doesn’t really seem like he knows exactly what he’s doing and he doesn’t take advice or suggestions only when his original plan hasn’t worked. This was a big learning curve and I am glad that I did it it was my first trip and I feel like I have grown and I know I’ve physically gotten stronger due to work.

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Fabrizio Eson respondido

I have been hosting people with other websites since a while now and i'm not so young anymore, i have a little experience today in hosting someone, that's why from a very young person i think it could be normal this kind of feedback, it reflects perfectly her attitude here in general, especially in the work, inappropriate comments i would really like to know in what sense, but i would just focus in who would come after her or who would have the experience to host Allegra. I dind't like in general her attitude during the period she stayed, especially of course in the work. I always do a whatsapp video call before hosting, and in each season i make attention that people know that this is an agricoltural experience with manual and phisical tascs, this is not a hostel, not in your working time not during your free time, and Allegra knew already about the hot in Sicily in summer and about the type of work. From the first day she passed more time messaging and regarding at her phone than work, I really didn't like this attitude of work, probably she could express her volunteering abilities in other kind of places but definetely not in nature, especially if you think that in Summer in a phisical work you start your day early in the morning with a cigarette, it's not just a judjement, is more that i think that probably she doesn't know yet how to deal with different situations in life, but she is very young, so in her case it could be normal, but i'm not here to teach this kind of aspects to other people while they are here and probably i wouldn't have the capacity either.
Anyway i really don't reccomand Allegra as a phisical work in general, thank you.



As my first experience volunteering I found this one to be quite suitable and pleasant for what I was looking for. The location is somewhat remote, which makes it very quiet and peaceful and leaves no place for distraction, so if you are conscious enough you'll be able to connect more with the place, with the purpose of the experience, with the living beings you are sharing your time with, and with your own needs as well. The work to be done involves a lot of physical tasks, and you could find volunteers having to do their shifts on their own, so be prepared to take some responsibility.

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