Lost Inn Lisbon

We are a reference Hostel in Lisbon. Our guests generally love to stay with us, so the same would happen with the volunteers. We are looking forward having you part of our team! :)

Managers and collaborators are friendly and warm. The volunteers can expect to be treated with respect, correctness and kindness. Genelary can expect our support and help.


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It was my second experience in Hostels and everything I was expecting I had the surprise to be better in any way, the colleagues, the other volunteers, the environment and energy of the place is amazing, there are plenty of ways to be comfortable, learn and share experiences, the Staff is amazing, Danilo is the best manager I've met, the owners are kind, Rita and Ricardo as well. I think everyone could come and have the experience, never gonna regret, that's why I'm gonna stay for a little bit more time hahaha.

hace 3 meses



Foi incrível trabalhar no Lost Inn Lisbon! Me senti bastante acolhida pelos donos e a equipe, em especial os meus colegas da equipe da limpeza (Ricardo e Ana). Espero ter retribuído com um bom trabalho a oportunidade que me ofereceram, sou muito grata por toda a experiência do voluntariado que fiz lá!

hace 7 meses

Nueva Zelandia


My time here has been enjoyable thanks to the good company of the guests, volunteers and some of the paid workers, but the manager Bruno made my volunteer experience rather uncomfortable and disappointing. Bruno barely has any respect for the volunteers, especially the women. I often felt very disrespected and uncomfortable by Bruno's behaviour when he would make sexist and inappropriate comments to me. His lack of professionalism and respect for me made me leave the hostel earlier than intended. I can not in good faith recommend this hostel to anybody seeking a respectful volunteer experience

hace 7 meses



an unforgettable experience, met many people, I learned a lot and I could practice English! the team is fantastic! a group that always helps you if you need something, I fell in love with the hostel and I hope to return one day!

hace 8 meses



My experience at the hostel was great! I worked in Ricardo's team and learnt lots about housekeeping work. Ricardo&Ana are not only amazing teachers, but warm and very fun to work with. Thanks to them, I improved significantly my Portuguese. The hostel is spacious, spotted clean and cozy. The lounge area has boardgames, music instruments and Netflix. Fully-equipped communal kitchen and huge modern bathrooms. Everything agreed upon beforehand with Bruno was perfectly fulfilled. Thanks to the homely ambience of the hostel, volunteers & staff became a family, and now we're "lost inn" together.

hace 10 meses

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