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Aloha. I'm Megan and I really enjoy being a host. We try to ensure a great experience for each of our guest volunteers. A traveler with a sincere intention to contribute will find that there is plenty that comes back to them. We have a simple hotel with simple, clean and colorful accommodations in a town that is friendly and easy to get around in. On the property we have a garden to enjoy, we grow food and we enjoy time at our fire pit and playing music together. We are in walking distance of many parks & a few beaches and there is a lot to see on this island. Our side of the island doesn't have white sand beaches and it can be rainy (sometimes). The weather is usually warm and there are some spectacular sights including a wild coastline, great hiking, a few beaches where turtles swim. Most days we head to a beach or a trail so our guest volunteers are welcome to join us. Transport is 'ok' using a bus designed for locals to get around (it's not great but for $2 you can ride to the other side of the island). If you don't have a car here, a little creativity and ingenuity is required. Hitchhiking is pretty common and we provide bicycles to our guests.

We are very involved in the business so volunteers would expect to have a lot of contact with us on a daily basis. We like to be friendly and provide a relaxed atmosphere. Attention to detail is important to us. We are a small hotel so what we do here is important and contributes to keeping an atmosphere appealing to guests. Jasper likes to play music Megan likes to take time to be at the beach or go hiking when she can.


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Jasper and Megan are such fun people to work for! I had the most amazing time in Hawaii!! The property is super amazing and people are in awe each time they come in! The work is alright! And i had plenty of time to explore. The lotus garden is right in the middle of downtown Hilo (a super funky town). The bus stop is a 3-5 min walk and thats great for your off Days!


Megan respondido

Thanks to World Packers for this great experience. It's a great exchange when we have the chance to give and receive. This volunteer was brought great energy and intention to being a part of our hotel and we are glad to have helped her achieve her goals for time spent here.



Hilo and the Lotus Garden feel like a home to me. I felt super welcomed and comfortable. I had my own room, kitchen and bathroom and I really loved that.

As for the work there, what you have to do is quite simple and easy to carry out and the days you have to work will obviously depend on the check-ins of the week.

Regarding Jasper and Megan, I have to tell you that they're awesome. They helped me a lot, recommended me stuff to do and took me to some places.

For more info, check my reply to the review they wrote on my profile/ send me a message.


Megan respondido

Thanks to World Packers for the chance to create a great exchange. This volunteer showed a lot of integrity and helped us to improve our small hotel. We loved the opportunity to help her enjoy her time on the island.

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