Mahina Pua Farm

We are breaking into a market to offer organic vegetables to the surrounding areas of Hawaii. We are very close to Waikiki and to the best beaches on Oahu. The buses go right by our house and you can walk to the beach park. We may bring out our instruments if you like to sing!

I love to teach about what I love. My husband is a Waldorf teacher, as I was, and we love to teach. We love to hear about your travel experiences. We like low drama and are open to questions. Please first consider observing your surroundings and then ask away. The more observant the better. If you are doing a task there are usually 3 more tasks before and after it that lead to the end result, so patience is your friend. Respectful correction is a part of the job when working with someone making a living. If you can be guided, then it will be the right fit.

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