Maison Du Rocher De Fontainbleau

We are a family house that operates a Bed&Breakfast, an adventure park with unusual accommodations and activities/sports. We are immersed in nature, in a Forest surrounded by trees, rock climbing and possibilities to practice different kinds of sports. Just 1 hour by train from Paris... La Maison Du Rocher De Fontainebleau is a company so you need to have a working Visa Holliday to apply as we will deliver you a official contract during your stay. So in fact you will get a salary. Here is definitely a lifestyle choice where you will have two different experiences: The first is related to involvement with the guests. They are here for various purposes, including team meetings, sports coaching, birthdays, bouldering in the forest and family/friends/couple vacations. However, it's focused in a mutual exchange of ideas, culture, and stories. You greet the guests, share meals, participate in sports, activities and chat with them during the stay. The other is your involvement with the other membres of the team or Family. You will have the opportunity to meet people from many cultures all over the world, who speak a variety of languages (English being the universal language). You will spend most of your time here, living, helping and experiencing together with the other ones. They will become family and you will learn so much from each and every one. France lesson is compulsory to follow 1 or 2 times a week. Basically we prepare the place for guests to share the moments with them during their stay. The caribou team usually consists of: - Handyman services. Ex: gardening, carpentry, painting, general maintenance, electrics, etc. - Cleaning and Housekeeping. Ex: Cleaning common areas in the house, Laundry, preparing the accommodations for the guests. - Kitchen hand. Ex: Dishes, help with cooking, setting the tables, storage the food, grocery shops... - Accueil. Ex: Welcoming the guests, manage social media, record videos, photos, organise the reception. Welcome to the Maison Du Bonheur!

Depending of your experience and motivation we share the workload between the team. But globally your stay will be focus to your speciality. We will be available to help, inform and support you in all your doubts about how to do the tasks!


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Tive uma experiência muito produtiva no Maison Du Rocher, o lugar e a estrutura são incríveis e esta repleto de natureza. Toda a família e a equipe me receberão muito bem, é uma experiência muito boa para quem gosta de estar em contato com a natureza.




My stay in Maison Du Rocher De Fontainebleau was amazing, the team of volunteers was the best that i could have, everybody is patience and has the will of teaching the tasks, i made friends there that i will bring with me for my whole life. The work is really hard on the high season so you need to be flexible about the worker hours. Sthepane is a good man who had the patience of taught me everything, he payed us movie theater, a visit to Château de Fontainebleau and beers, also he allowed us use the cars whenever we want to go to the market or hangout in the close city. I definitely recommend




Bah, Maison du Rocher foi minha primeira experiência utilizando a plataforma Worldpackers. Tudo aconteceu de forma bem aleatoria, meus primeiros planos eram viajar a Itália mas mudei de ideia quando recebi o convite para ir à Fontainebleau e abracei com todas as minhas forças. Com nenhuma expectativa além de saber que seria uma experiência super diferente nem deixei levar pelo ritmo que as coisas aconteciam no hostel e, foi maravilhoso. Muito aprendizado, momentos incríveis, amigos pra vida e muita risada. Agradeço todo grupo e família du Rocher, foi TRI massa! Eu voltaria!




Lugar increíble, si te gusta la naturaleza y los deportes tienes TODO para disfrutar al máximo; canchas, alberca, bicicletas, etc...
Pude conocer más Francia y personas maravillosas a lo largo de mi estadía.
Mucho trabajo, más horas de las anunciadas pero fue una experiencia muy enriquecedora; comí delicioso, un espacio lindo donde vivir, pude vencer mi miedo a las alturas, hice mucho deporte, aprendí mucho de diferentes formas de hacer las cosas, de mi misma y de las personas con quienes fui conviviendo y compartiendo
Estoy muy agradecida por la oportunidad y en definitiva volvería




I've had a great time in Caribou. I've met a lot of amazing people. The family Durocher is awesome! The helpers are such a wonderful team. It was a pleasure to be part of it!


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