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We give value, and give the best experience back. We treat you as a king/queen. A visitor in an African homestead is, indeed, a King/queen. We endeavour to give you the best out of your stay with us, each day, each minute!

I am William, 36 and I run Makuyu Empowerment Center ( I've a modest 2-bedroom house where I can accommodate up to 2 volunteers at any given time. We've a lean staff of 5 at the Center, making it easy to make decisions. Volunteers are treated like kings. Don't believe it? We clean your room, do laundry for you, prepare, cook and serve you! And if you're adventurous, we will walk around over the weekends.

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Administración Redes Sociales Trabajo Social Enseñar Deportes

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Redes Sociales Trabajo Social Enseñar Idiomas Enseñar Deportes

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Administración Jardinería Granja Trabajo Social

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Administración Enseñar Idiomas Trabajo Social Enseñar Deportes

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Administración Trabajo Social Redes Sociales

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Granja Jardinería Personal de Mantenimiento Trabajo Social

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Recepción Administración Guía Turístico Trabajo Social

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Enseñar Idiomas Trabajo Social Fotografía

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Recepción Administración Enseñar Idiomas Trabajo Social

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Cocina Artes Pintura y Decoración Redes Sociales

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My experience in Thika was great. William took really good care of us and the communication with him it's always easy and so nice. He will work his best to make you feel home. The food is good, and the accommodation it's nice too. I'll hardly recommend going there when the raining season it's over since it's more difficult to work with the kids when it's raining. But if you enjoy working with kids, you want to get to know a little bit more about Africa, and you are open mind, that might be your place. Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information!

5 meses atrás


He has a lovely family, Maria is the best. All kids of Makuyu are very nice, they have huge big dreams, they are very lovely and smarts kids.

5 meses atrás


Me sentí cómoda en la casa de William. Maria cocina muy bien y es atenta. Por lo demás, sobre el tipo d experiencia, creo q tiene q ver con las expectativas d cada uno. Yo fui con muchas ganas d ayudar y hacer cosas con una amiga médica pero a ninguna d las dos se nos dio el lugar ni las herramientas para hacerlo. Me hubiera gustado un ambiente d más cooperación y compañerismo. Si me contactan les puedo contar más! William siempre me trató bien, pero varias veces hizo comentarios desubicados y poco serios.
A pesar de todo, los chicos son lo más y la rompen!

6 meses atrás


Una gran experiencia, fue un mes y poco y paso volando!! La verdad que fue muy enriquecedor y repetiría sin duda. Recomiendo llevar dinero ya que siempre salen gastos secundarios de transporte y demás, pero si os gusta el fútbol, los niños, la enseñanza y aprender inglés, no lo dudéis!

7 meses atrás


My stay in Makuyu Kids & Youth Center were amazing.
Since the day I arrived in Kenya, William and his family treated me as a KING.
The project is very serious and well-organized. It is easy to see the love and discipline that the kids have by the activities.
All the time, we had something to do: visiting the childrens, teaching soccer skills or in educations classes.
And what is amazing in all of this, are the sharing of experiences that we can have with them.
I fully recommed William, his NGO and Kenya (beautifull land with amazing energy) for your next travel.

7 meses atrás

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