Mala Hokele

We are located on one of Hawaii's most beautiful islands. The ocean access is just a few miles away as well as Waterfalls and hiking. Volcano National park as well as recent lava flow viewing (now cooled and walkable) is just an hour away. The new eruption is available for viewing and is located 1 hour away.

My daughter and I live a pretty quiet lifestyle. I used to own restaurants so I tend to cook a lot of homemade meals (I specialize in Italian). Due to allergies and beliefs we live a mostly vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, we do stock fish and a few dairy items in the kitchen but no meat/chicken/lards, etc.. We are located on a 25 acre farm.

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My experience in this volunteering was excellent. Sandra and Ava are very kind and make you feel at home all the time. They also provide facilities and help you to do things in your free time. The daily tasks are varied and manageable. I truly had a great experience here. Thank you very much for everything! 🤙🏼

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My stay was not completely what I had expected, winter is rainy season on the big island so it rained almost everyday. I would check to make sure other volunteers will be coming the same time as you for a more social environment and Id definitely recommend renting a car if you want get all around the island. Ava and Sandra drive you into town and are good about offering rides and there is a bus but it only comes in the morning and night.

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My time at Mala Hokele was awesome! Sandra and Ava are both super welcoming and make you feel at home. The work is very fair and easy giving lots of time to go explore around. Sandra also takes you into town whenever they need to go. I recommend asking if other people will be there at the same time, that will make the experience even better, I was there by myself most of the time and still had lots of fun exploring and hanging out with all the animals. Thank you so much Sandra and Ava!

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My experience was incredible, I had contact with different animals, I had the opportunity to learn more things. Sandra and her daughter are very welcoming and friendly. I had the opportunity to travel around the island and Sandra helped me organize everything. I highly recommend it and would go back there without any problems.

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I had a really good time during my exchange!
Sandra & Ava are very welcoming and considerate of your time!
The work is easy and very flexible, giving you a lot of time off to explore the island!
They offer to bring you into town during errands, and show you the best beaches and places to see! Your also by a bus stop.
The farm is so beautiful, so are the views!
There are lots of animals to play with!
This is a great place to stay if your looking to spend some time in nature or away from busy cities!

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