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We are not-for-profit organic rural permaculture food forest project on secluded, natural, acreage in Arusha. We grow mostly herbs, fruit, beans, banana,maize,and veggies in our food forests, greenhouse and gardens. Our focus is combining whole food and nutritional healing with delicious gourmet flavors & easy to prepare recipes. Our natural. Our Motto: Happy Healthy People on a Happy Healthy Planet is our active daily meditation.

If you are traveling from outside Tanzania, please feel free to come and stay with us as a new "friend on holiday" - not as a "farm volunteer" -If you are thinking of longer term volunteering (up to 1 to 3 months), please bear in mind the appropriate visas. The visa which permits you to volunteer for up to three months (a Tanzanian Government regulation) costs $250. Please make sure you have closely read all the details on our page and letters - knowing what you are signing up for is essential to having a good fit and enjoying your time here.

We challenge ourselves and all our visitors to honor...

“The Four Agreements
1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Don’t take anything personally.
3. Don’t make assumptions.
4. Always do your best. ”

We all work hard, play hard, and we have a lot of fun doing it while we build something uniquely valuable in the world with love, together as an open hearted, conscious community circle. "Work is Love made visible"

We currently welcome travelers/visitors/volunteers to begin with a commitment of not less than two weeks stay. We ask for a minimum contribution of 5 hours a day or 25 hours a week from each member of the community. If you are called to invest beyond this we thankfully accept your contribution to growing this project. There is very little division between work and play here, time on or off is blurred. Lines blend between family, community, business, farming, learning, teaching, healing, growing, playing or working. Everyone who is grounded in community here is fully engaged, actively growing in life together.

We LOVE longer stays where new people can really become a part of our community and benefit from an accumulation and exchange of experience, wisdom & knowledge. We are looking for people with organic gardening experience who are passionate about urban permaculture, ethno botany, wild edibles and food forest plantings. We love enthusiastic self starters, who are comfortable experimenting and we are happy to include your passions and visions within our long term goals. This community is a circle, a group of beings growing learning and changing together organically with a strong emphasis on personal integrity, the power of the spoken word, mental / spiritual / emotional / physical engagement, individual self-balance and fluid equality between all parts of the circle. We practice non violent communication, self care and whole being awareness.

Our scope includes artisan food, local product sales, packaging, processing & small scale manufacturing; nutritional healing; growing & gathering herbs for teas, herbal medicine and culinary purposes; food recovery & creative whole food cooking; small business marketing, social media, photography; eco living with an emphasis on cleaning, home, bath and body, repairing, reusing, repurposing; alternative healing, cellular memory, whole being awareness and the mind body spirit connection; ethnobotany, homeopathy, plant identification, wild-crafting, edible and medicinal wild plants and intensive biodynamic organic permaculture, food forest farming on a small rural scale. We invite excellent interns to continue with us and begin a full apprenticeship. Your internship certification or apprenticeship papers will be collaborative, clearly addressing all the areas you chose to grow in and focus on during your stay with us.

We are a local family living in Arusha, north of Tanzania, that works to enhance the quality of life of our community. Over the last years, we have hosted many volunteers in our home and we sincerely enjoy it. It is fun to match people from different backgrounds and since I am a passionate chef I very much enjoy cooking African food for our visitors and sometimes I even get taught some new western recipes. In my free time I love to learn all about local animals and vegetation, play cards or enjoy a good movie

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