Manga Verde Beach

We live on the paradise Island of Itamaraca, North East Brazil. We are a small family from Belgium-Madagascar that have travelled in each one of the 193 countries of the world, volunteering in more than 500 schools for 10 years. Now we found our paradise here in Itamaraca. It is our turn to welcome volunteers and exchange with them. You will have either one small room in our own apartment with us, or if the pousada is not too busy, you will have your own apartment!

Itamaraca is a tropical island in NE Brazil, an hour’s drive from Recife International Airport, with a long road bridge connecting it to the mainland. Most of the island comprises protected forests, but on the ocean side are miles of long white sandy beaches. All kind of beach and watersport activities are available on the island. It is also a kitesurf prime spot. But it is not crowded and mostly peaceful and tranquil (except for carnaval and local holidays) As you would see, Itamaraca is a very easy going and peaceful place that most people fall in love with. However, dont expect nightclubs there, but it is still possible to have fun or share a drink out.

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