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CLEANING AND MAKING BEDS - 25 hours per week (2 days off). Yes, cleaning isn't anyone's favourite however you can learn and practice English and other languages all day while you work. Cleaning is the most important part of our business and we need people who work hard and have attention to detail. We offer a bed in a shared room in our staff apartment. The apartment is a bit older but we recommend spending time at the hostels and being social as much as possible for the best experience of hostel life. A volunteer choosing us would get the taste of local lifestyle, enjoy the atmosphere of the backpacking life, will have all the afternoon off for sightseeing and will be treated very well with us. Malta is a great place to learn or improve your English, especially in the hostel, however, please keep in mind that if you are planning to do an English course while you are here it may conflict with your hostel work schedule, therefore, making it challenging to work with us. If you plan to study while you are here please let us know beforehand.

Most of our staff members are volunteers or ex volunteers who became paid employees of our hostel. They get to enjoy all what a nice, cosy, family like hostel can provide. We like 'work hard, play hard' attitude. This experience can be challenging if you come in with the wrong expectations. All our volunteers have a great time however hard work is expected and our work exchange staff contribute greatly to the hostels success.


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Las instalaciones son buenas, las horas y la exigencia del trabajo no se corresponden con lo recibido por parte del hostel, no volveria ni lo recomiendo

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it was a wonderful experience. we were divided into work schedules, well organized. Junior was the one who led the volunteer team. super sweet, flexible, very good energy. problem was just the hostel manager, rude, thick when talking to the volunteers, and she charged the first night for having arrived at 8pm. but anyway, the hostel is very good, well structured. staff of the volunteer team took turns to prepare lunch, which was great, we tried cooking from several different countries. you go away wanting to stay there more.

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Before I arrive in the hostel I was thinking that I Will be really living in the hostel and this not hapens. They have a very old apartament with precarious instalations (very old beds, problens in the shower, mold inside of all furnitures and even a rat problem) and when I arrived there was living 12 people
About the work in the beginning was very easy without any problems but after the lady who worked there as an employee left they give all th hard work for the voluntaries.
Junior the new manager said when i left that they were working to try to let the experience better for the volutaries

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Marco Polo & Malti respondido

Hi Gabriel, how disappointing that you would say this. You worked with us for 3 months and had an amazing time.

I would like to point out that our staff usually live in the hostel except for 3 months of the year where they move into an entire apartment. It has all the facilities you need, 2 bathrooms, free wifi, large kitchen, large courtyard and plenty of space for the 9 volunteers we have.

Gabriel, if your apartment wasn't clean or had mould or rats as you say it's because you didn't clean it. You and the staff were responsible for keeping the flat clean, cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen, garbage etc. daily and weekly, like in a normal house. We helped you by making a roster for cleaning, having weekly meetings for the staff to communicate with each other and providing FREE cleaning products and tools. The apartment was in perfect condition before you moved in.

You were also not asked to do any extra work between managers and this can be a situation that happens in any business.

None of these complaints were mentioned during your stay with us as you know we do our best to fix them in person.

We also offered you extra work for money as you needed some extra income an then we found you sleeping 3 days during your shift. There is nothing more disrespectful than pretending to work. It means your colleagues (and even your girlfriend) had to work harder to make up for what you didn't do.

Thank you for your time in Malta.



the hostel, guests and staff are cool, but I had a very bad experience with the manager and the owner.
I supposed to be for 2 months, but I left before that.

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Marco Polo & Malti respondido

Luiza was not a good fit for our team and left with no notice after turning up to work intoxicated multiple times. While we are a party hostel, we expect a level of professionalism that was not shown in this case. This behaviour affects the rest of our world packing team negatively and therefore is not tolerated by the Hostel. We want all our worldpackers to have an amazing experience and this works best when everyone supports the team. Thanks, Haidee



One of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had. I learned a lot from my work and the staff members. I recommend Marco Polo Hostel, if you are a mature and responsible person ready to learn things to apply in your personal and professional life, this is the place for you. I wanna thank everyone who has made this amazing journey the happiest !!

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