Masseria Usamborgia

Because here it will be like at home, in the family. He will be in contact with nature and in a group together with other volunteers for an experience of life and friendship.

Volunteers are treated like our children. The family that runs the farm is ready for any request from the volunteer and is very flexible. We organize courses in cooking, painting, ceramics and we provide breakfast, meals and accommodation for the whole day.


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This is a wonderful farm that I ever stayed, there were many marvelous things happened to me. My main duty was to assist and help the host doing construction work. However, I felt like I visited my best Italian friend, Marco and his family, they were so kind to me and made me feel like home. I stayed in a rock hut and everything was so convenient inside like toilet, a comfortable bed and everything was nice decorated in unique style. My favorite time was lunch and dinner served with tasty variety of Italian food, so yummy 😋. I really appreciate this experience and wish to come back again.




Completly welcomming family, that provides tradicional foods and are open to talks and havving fun. Huge farm with great nature contact, dogs, cats, birds and a horse, besides of a lot of trees, natural food like fruits, olive oil, eggs and other. If you like that, that's the place. Working helping in the construction, a saw a real reuse of old constructions and materials, making less ambiental impact on the farm envirement and outside it.




Minha experiência na Masseria usamborgia foi incrível, infelizmente tive que sair antes por problemas pessoais. Pretendo voltar novamente um dia, muito obrigada Marco, Antônio e Cinzia por me tratarem tão bem como se fosse da família.




Beautiful Family! I miss them so much! They treated me very very good, tasks for me were cleaning the kitchen, bedrooms, washing clothing. For men the work is a little bit more tough but is just during morning time, then the rest of the day is off and you can do anything you like. They gave the 3 meals for free and so delicious! Cinzia was always cooking for us. They are very nice people.




The farm is a really nice place, they have lots of dogs, cats, fruit trees. The food is good and it's really enough, they let you cook if you want to.
I had to do extra jobs, heavier than housekeeping and cleaning. we only got the hard work to do. Like construction stuff
I just think they should specify at the description before you have to do it
If it was as they describe I would stay longer
Anyway was a good experience, Marco and Cinzia are nice and welcoming
Antonio has his traditional Italian way and he's not polite or kindful
Thanks for the experience, hope to see you again


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