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We're a low key hostel in the center of Mexico City (CDMX), and we've been doing this for about 10 years. Our volunteers are a really important part of the hostel, because of the skills you bring, and because you help set the tone for others as well - most of our volunteers are still in contact with us in some way or another and leave feeling like this is their 2nd home in Mexico. The hostel is on the 4th floor (no elevator though :( ) and we have beautiful spacious areas - the rooftop is usually the favorite spot to hang out (not a 360 view, but close to 280). Our staff is cool and most are from CDMX - which means they're really good at helping you figure out what to do + practice SP or ENG.

We try our best to make you feel like you're at home, but also give you independence to live your personal journey in CDMX. Mental health is super important to take care of and because we're such a small staff (~12), we support each other - if needed and comfortable for the person (not overbearing). Generally, we also focus on personal growth and try to work with everyone to at least help a bit in that journey. This also means that the volunteers who have the best experience are also those who are able to independant within the guidelines/plans we provide, and keep communication open. Respect is so important, especially now with COVID-19, and you can expect that we'll listen to you and support you in the ways we can, if you're not vibing with your volunteer experience :)


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¡Solo gratitud por la oportunidad! La experiencia fue genial, las tareas son muy faciles. El equipo es organizado. Esther y Alexis están siempre disponibles para ayudar y resolver dudas. El Hostel cuenta con amplios ambientes lo que genera confort.

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Massiosare es un hogar lejos de casa. Aquí pasé uno de los mejores momentos de mi vida, la gente, la cultura , simplemente todo fue bello, nada que agregar y nada que quitar. Agradezco mucho al staff (Esther, Alexis, Alex,Lalo ) simplemente son únicos y gracias por la oportunidad. la vida sigue pero siempre los llevaré en mi corazón ♥️. el Mejor hostal de Cdmx

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My experience at that hostel have beem so enriching for meon many levels! Not just with the tasks, the host and staff have beenamazing and engaging! After this. I will definitely return to this hostel when I cone back to CDMX!

hace 10 meses

Alejandro respondido

Ahsley, thank you so much for your help! We really enjoyed having your here, not only for your excellent skills, but also beautiful personality - we had a lot of fun :)! See you soon hopefully!!!

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