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At MayRooms You'll definitely make new friends! We're like one big family and I'm sure you'll feel like home! As a worldpacker, you'll learn a lot and improve your skills. In our hostel, volunteers have responsibilities and autonomy. From my experience with former Worldpackers, I'm sure you'll grow a lot as person from this collaborative way of life. We're located in Nangang Dist. Taipei City. It's homely, small, full of love : ) Welcome to our family! - Why discover Taipei staying in our Hostel? You will only discover Taipei if you stay longer and dive into our rich culture. It's a city that never sleeps, which means there is always something to do. It's impossible to get bored and everyday brings something new. You must come to Taipei. I may be a little bias but for me it is the best city in Taiwan and even the world!

So we are a hostel. And hostel is a place we go to meet people. To have experiences. To share life. To learn from others. To teach what we know about the place we are.


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i had a very good time there, staff is so friendly, task are very simple. Can only recommend and hope to go back one day. Thank you for having me 😘

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Mayrooms is the best place in Taipei and Regular stuffs are very friendly as well, they have treated me like family.

hace 4 años



Nice time here in Mayrooms! I felt it like if I were in home! I will go back again. They will make you feel good and comfortable, I recommend 100% .

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I am extremely happy at Mayrrooms. Carol, Stone, Vicky, Toto and Rita have been incredibly welcoming and have treated me like family. I will always cherish my time spent with them.

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