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We are nestled on a cozy northern hilltop on the edge of the Cardamom Mountains in northwestern Cambodia. We are a beautiful boutique eco-resort offering simple, memorable experiences and personal rejuvenation. The tranquil comfort of the lush green natural beauty of the resort property and surrounding area creates perfect environment for retreat, relaxation, adventure and outdoors along with quality time with family and friends. The Memoria is a cozy hideaway with an inviting appeal. The resort's vast incredible natural wonder draws you to relax and discover the untouched beauty of the surrounding Cardamom Mountains and foothills. Your senses perk with the magnificent views across the countryside, fresh clean air, beautiful scent of nature, idyllic and bountiful farmlands, invigorating breeze off the mountains, and unforgettable sunrises and sunsets. We welcome 2-4 volunteers to stay at our utopian eco resort for a minimum of 3 weeks to help us in a variety of ways. We're looking for nature lovers, digital nomads, permaculturists, designers, teachers and experienced HR or management professionals. Volunteers who lack experience or skills in those areas but are passionate and willing to try are also welcome! We need skilled volunteers willing to take on responsibility and fill specific roles, working closely with our staff to help develop the resort and the team. We're willing to provide a generous living allowance for skilled volunteers able to make a commitment to our initiatives for longer than two months. You will stay in our eco-lodge, surrounded by a thriving jungle full of life that will connect you with nature through the sounds of nature's orchestra, featuring birds, frogs and crickets. The room has a fan, mosquito nets; krama and sarong are provided for you to shower and sleep. Initially, you will have this room to yourself but if we have more volunteers you may have to share with one other person. The usual price of the eco-lodge is $25 per night, but for volunteers it is absolutely free!

Our resort is a joint investment project of a Cambodian brother and sister who dream to turn the once war-torn area (former Khmer Rouge stronghold) into a place of harmony, prosperity and civility. It is based on the idea of eco-tourism in order to preserve the nature and the environment for both tourists and the local people so we implement one tourist one tree program. We would like our resort to be the forest home for nature lovers who are looking for a peaceful place. Our resort takes great pride in what we are doing in our humble remote and quaint community of Pailin. As one of the few resorts in the area, we proudly provide employment and training opportunities to locals who want to learn more about tourism and hospitality. In cooperation with local schools and government officials, Memoria Palace is leading efforts to ensure that those who want to succeed will be given the opportunity to do so. Volunteers will have full access to the resort's facilities, including fast speed Wi-Fi and a large saltwater swimming pool, which is perfect for a refreshing dip after working, relaxing or adventuring amid Pailin's natural beauty. There are two meditation huts surrounding our magical lake, which are perfect for yoga, reading or listening to the multitude of bird songs that can be heard all around our grounds. Volunteers can also play the 'Roneat Ek', a traditional wooden Xylophone with an ancient mystical sound, which is unique to Cambodia. If you are feeling adventurous the resort's bicycles are also available for volunteers that want to explore beyond our grounds. Aside from the bikes we also offer 'tuc-tuc' shuttle service to Pailin town for a small fee. 2 delicious meals a day are provided for volunteers along with our hotel staff, which include organic vegetables and fruit that have been grown at our resort. Volunteers may also order food and drinks from the restaurant at the regular cost.


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Memoria Palace is an stunning place in Cambodia. Far from the crowded city, Pailin is a great choice to discover how the Cambodian people live. In the resort, you can taste a lot of different Khmer foods. Staff is so friendly and always will smile to you, although most of them don't speak a good English its really good spend time with them. The accomodation is fantastic, the eco-lodge it's a good choice to live a new experience and feel like living in the nature (with more facilities). About the experience, it's good to see how they are flexible and try to help you to have the best experience.

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The Resort is incredibly beautiful and the provided accommodation is very generous. Be prepared to see many snakes and spiders and don't forget insect repellent . Best part the amazing staff so friendly with big smiles and always open to learn.Not the best organization of our work however. The people in charge of us seemed oblivious to the details listed on their page. At the begging the hours suggested were much higher than the 30 per week. After a doble check of the page agreement we felt a little less welcome we didn't get tours as it said or food on our days off. In general was just ok

hace casi 5 años

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