Mfangano greeniniative & youth empowerment

HOW VOLUNTEERS BENEFIT:1. Volunteers have a trust based total freedom of doing whatever they want and visiting all places they would want to, they will visit our rich shrines, learn and see for themselves some of the tools, utensils, vessels and Caves used by our great grandparents.2 Volunteers Working with us will relax and participate in any manual work at their own wish, they will acquire several educational opportunities including visiting Local fishing industries and interacting with Local fishermen for more information. We have, guided and connected Volunteers with different types of organic farms owned by different growers on the Island, Our Primary and Secondary Schools, Mfangano Island Rock Art, Our rich shrines, Spring Water sites, Mfangano Peace Museum, Our Seasonal Streams, the Soklo Plateau where many go for hiking, Mfangano Tilapia Fish ponds, Mfangano Hills and even the beautiful view of Lake Victoria all-round the four Islands many times3. We have experienced community storytellers of which I'm one, who normally entertain interested Volunteers and other visitors. Volunteers will get a lot of legends and memorized stories of all our cultural living styles within the communities around.
4. Acquire our cultural and ways of Living and behavior
5. Acquire the knowledge from our inherited traditional history on how our grandfathers and mothers led their social, economical and political lives.
6. Admire and enjoy the Islands' good climatic condition, The most enjoyable Islands’ Climates with fresh and pollution free air, conducive for all activities
7. Admire and enjoy the Lake Victoria fresh and fine cool breeze
8. See all Species of different freshwater fish and even enjoy cooking, eating and even selling them
9. See and enjoy eating organic food cooked in the traditional way using traditional methods and the crops we grow for food.
10. Share and Learn our traditional beliefs and our old ways of self-governance before the coming of the white in Kenya
11. They will learn directly and practically there and then how we do all our activities of all kinds of their interest/choice and in their field of learning even beyond.
With our guests, we enjoy charting, exchanging cultures and sometimes partying.
Don't waste money by residing in the hiked prices guests' rooms, we can help you to reach your mission by going the cheaper way and tour as many places as it may be convenient to

I am Grace Akinyi 46 years a farmer, I'm a resident of Mfangano Island in Lake Victoria Kenya. I enjoy meeting people from all around the globe and sharing good times with them. I will respond to most of your emails , since I have easy access to the internet. I would be very happy if I could be of any help during and even before your stay, so feel free to ask anything - on getting around Mfangano and sister Islands, learning Local Suba, Luo and Swahili languages, experiencing Suba and Luo cultures and all that you may want I am leading registered community based organizations and groups, founded with an aim of alleviating the suffering among the communities of the Islands, developing the society, Restoring Hopes to the less fortunate that have been heavily hit by poverty, hunger, diseases and are otherwise unable to achieve the basics in their lives. I’m blessed with a Lovely, patient and welcoming family, a family with a higher hospitality and integrity to all Volunteers, visiting my home from different corners of the world. In our Family we normally have round table evening charts during evening meals as we get the day’s reports from volunteers and assess the situations to help decide on the following day’s Learning activities.

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