Mini Boarding House

We want volunteers to choose our place out of love for pets. As they will be working with pets all day, more than with humans. Our goal is to make the pets happy, and therefore their owners happy. They should also choose to volonteer at our place if they want to discover the beauty that Taiwan has to offer. We are located at the beach, but with easy access to the beautiful taiwanese moutains and Taipei City.

We are a new business, and it's currently managed by my husband and I. We get help from our family memebers so it's a very tight-knit business. We are a young mix couple (French/Taiwanese and Urugayan/Taiwanese) so we are very open culturally and love meeting new people from all over the world. Volunteers can expect to be treated just like our family, we are very easy going and expect volunteers to want and love to work with us because of how fun this job is.

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