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We are a community based organization with more than thirty years experience working with the rural based communities to empower them improve their standards and conditions of living through implementing sustainable community based programs and activities.We have no established paid staff but utilize volunteers both online and onsite to implement our priority programs.We accept volunteers of all kinds all the year round ranging from 16 years to 85 years.We accept student volunteers,couples,singles ,families,professionals,skilled and unskilled and retirees.Volunteers can come to work with us and share their knowledge,skills,experience,expertise,ideas,information and resources.Volunteers on the other hand can also learn our social cultural practices and our different ways of living. Volunteers will also get the opportunity to visit our different tourists attractions in the country especially during weekends.

Am a social worker and a teacher by profession with an experience of more than thirty years hosting and working with different volunteers from different countries. expect to treat volunteers in a professional way basing on our past vast experience attained during our thirty years of existence.


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Overall, our stay was amazing! We met amazing women who taught us a lot about every prospect of their business and we felt like a part of their group:)
We were there during corona so the school was not open and we could not experience the teaching, but we still helped with cleaning the classrooms.
Mulindwa is a warm and kind person. The only thing that was not as good as expected was the acommodation, which was still under construction process so it will probably be better in soon time...
Anyways we would recommend this program, you'll have a great time!

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Mulindwa respondido

Our community enjoyed the stay of Madam Viki and Madam Laura.Both of them were very eager to learn new things from us.Secondly,they participated in cleaning our furniture at Mmanze Primary School that has been not functioning for more than 22 months because of the covid 19 pandemic.In that respect ,we have learnt and shared information,ideas,knowledge,skills,experience,expertise with the two.we therefore wish them the very best wherever they will be and very much willing to host them in the future should the situation improve.God bless you all.

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