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The camino de Santiago and the caminho da Fatima are passing near by. It is a romantic mill beside a little river with waterfalls, terraces, fruit gardens and forest. A lot of shadowy spots and fresh water. An Oasis to cool down in the summer heat. And to feel homey in winter time. Located just at the border between Portugal Norte and Portugal Centro, nearby Oliveira de Azemeis. To Porto it's 40 minutes with car, to Aveiro about 30 minutes. The next beach is about 40 minutes away. A lot of nice spots not too far away, like Arouca, Cascata da Cabreia or Bioria.

Help needed is maintenance inside as outside, bit construction, gardening, forestry, but also hostel work, cleaning, changing bedding... Flexible volunteer arrangement, to be decided case by case (depending not only on the preferences of the volunteer, but a lot of factors, requirements, abilities, occupancy, ...): 25 hours a week. Meal and accommodation for free. Or: 15 hours a week, free accommodation, but self-supply. Or: A flexible "day to day" mix of both options. Available several beds (bunk beds and double bed) in three rooms. One to maximum two volunteers.


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It was a great experience. I spent only 2 weeks there and I could learn a lot of new things. The hostel is in a very quiet and small village. No much to do during the free time, but relaxing. Nikolaus is a great cooker! What amazing meals we had together. Thank you for everything. Success to your plans and your hostel.


Korea, South


I can't help saying this experience was so hard time for me. Although, at the same time, it was interesting sometimes when it comes to the work itself, because there were different types of various tasks were given for me each day.
Differently with the statement on the introduction, I did some unexpected tasks like crashing tiles with hammers.
But, I also understand how I could these tasks because there were no enough guests staying at that time so that maybe inevitably there was no need to do the noticed, stated tasks.
Anyway, the host Nicolaus is very kind, good guy. He lives alone there.


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