Moonshine Farm

Would you like to experience Swedish TRADITION? This is the place to volunteer! Moonshine Farm is situated in a part of Sweden, called DALARNA, which is known for its cultural heritage. You can also experience really LONG GREEN SUMMER DAYS and LONG WHITE WINTER NIGHTS. Are you used to cold weather conditions? Did you ever experience snow? Just consider these questions. IF THESE ARE CONDITIONS YOU DO NOT LIKE, DO NOT APPLY. We are located in a VILLAGE which is situated 260 KILOMETERS FROM STOCKHOLM's airports. We are the most northerly situated host in Sweden :-) registered at Worldpackers right now. So this means that at arrival in Stockholm you have to take a LONG DISTANCE BUSS or a TRAIN to the town called Falun. There we can pick you up on request. Anders and I are so called "moonshine farmers" ("månskensbonde" in Swedish), which means that farming is A HOBBY. Our traditional FAMILY FARM is experimenting with SMALL SCALE vegetable and fruit gardening in a northern climate. A challenge! Typical Swedish: FOREST MANAGEMENT is also part of the business. In the large garden 4 ALPACA´S keep us company. Their wool is a thankful gift, which I transform in CREATIVE WEAVING. Do you want to give us a helping hand? Come and live and work at our place and explore the Swedish way of life. Feel welcome FOR LONGER STAYS too. But ONLY CONFIRM YOUR STAY IF you really love to experience what it is to live with a Swedish family on a "moonshine" type of farm in a small and quiet village in the north AND when you are sure you will come. We need to supply extra when we have volunteers and the nearest shop is 26 kilometers from our home. It is not fun for us when people last minute cancel their stays, because we have in that case already prepared and planned a whole bunch of things to make life for you more pleasant. PLEASE ONLY APPLY THROUGH THIS PLATFORM and when you REALLY DREAM OF EXPERIENCING LIFE IN THE COLD NORTH. And inform us about the (different) plans and dreams you have in your head with regard to travelling. Why are you really on a journey? What do you really want to experience by travelling? What are the motivations that lie beyond your travelling? Be open and honest to us, exactly as we are to you. Only by doing so, can we build a more beautiful world together. TIP: When visiting northern countries, always bring warm clothes and walking shoes.

I, Petra (52 years old), originally come from Belgium. I emigrated to Sweden 5 years ago. I LOVE nature, qigong, weaving and silence. I backpacked in my younger years and speak next to Swedish, ENGLISH, DUTCH and some GERMAN, FRENCH and SPANISH. My life would get even more pleasant if I would have a volunteering HELPER IN THE GARDEN and with the animals. Do you sew and do you have a CREATIVE mind? Be welcome to experiment with me with the SEWING of woven garments. Do you like to COOK? Be creative in our kitchen with things like fermenting, berry- and mushroom picking, making jam, slow cooking. I, Anders (61 years old) was raised on Moonshine Farm and so were the 3 generations before me. I have been a truck driver most of my life. So I´m used to a BOHEMIAN LIFE STYLE. I inherited the farm, which was in a really bad shape. Since then Petra and I have been RENOVATING THE PLACE and made it to a WARM, WELCOMING HOME. During SUMMERTIME I can always use a helping hand be it with PAINTING, CHOPPING WOOD, BUILDING a green house, CLEANING tiles, ... From NOVEMBER TO APRIL it would be nice to have some help in the WOODS. Are you a CARPENTER and do you know how to RESTORE OLD FURNITURE? In that case we have some interesting challenges for you too. WORK 4 HOURS a day and enjoy, in return, some Swedish traditional culture, 3 LOW CARB MEALS and a WARM BED in one of the two guest rooms in the house, each room has space for two volunteers max.. Volunteers SHARE a BAD ROOM (also sauna available) and a RECREATION ROOM. Every day you can also attend qigong sessions. HOUSE ROLES: respect the silence, keep it clean and no smoking.

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