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By being part of Morocco Animal Aid you will learn first hand both the pleasures & hardships of the animals within our care. With us you will learn how to live the simple life, in what is a tough & often unforgiving environment.

You will wake up everyday to 450 animals, that are looking to you for love, patience & understanding.
The environment is tough. You may be exposed to situations, behaviours or cultural nuances that you may not agree with or understand. This can be the most difficult part of your journey with us.

By working with us you are contributing to help create a shift towards a safer, healthier, happier future for the animals of Morocco. We are a family here. But we work hard. Really hard. The work is smelly, noisy, dirty & physical. But the reward will always outweigh the sacrifice. We are here for them.

Welcome to Morocco Animal Aid. We are an animal rescue & rehabilitation shelter located in Assersif. A rural, no frills, berber village located just outside the bustling village of Aourir, otherwise known as Banana Village. By working with us you will learn 1st hand the pleasures & hardships of the animals in our care. You will be contributing to help create a shift towards a safer, healthier, happier future for the animals of Morocco. We are a family here. But we work hard. Really hard. The work is smelly, noisy, dirty & physical. But the reward will always outweigh the sacrifice. We are here for them. You are making a difference. Our shelter is run entirely by volunteers. Our volunteers come from all over the globe & are from all walks of life. Without our volunteers, our shelter does not run. Our volunteer schedule is never the same. Some weeks we are overflowing with volunteers. Other weeks we really struggle. Whichever the scenario, we need to ensure that we are adequately covered to be able to meet the needs of the animals at the shelter. Daily tasks at the shelter include: * Cleaning: Poop scoop, rubbish collection, general sanitation of the shelter. * Walking/Hiking: The dogs are walked for minimum 60 mins at a time on a rotating roster. * Animal Training: Training walks, to aid socialisation or to assist rehabilitation. * Staff Training: New volunteer inductions & patient care training. * Medical Treatment: Administering specialised treatments to animals when required. * Projects: Other initiatives, such as building, administration etc. You MUST be confident with dogs. The dogs specifically need strong leaders. The dogs in our care may be different to the dogs you are used to back home. You may experience behaviours or characteristics in our dogs that you may not have experienced before. If you havent had animals as pets before or are slightly afraid of any type of animal then this position isn't for you. POO*️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️ We clean up poo, dog poo, cat poo. Poo all day, every day. There is always poo. Just one job, for 40mins max will be to pick up poo. If youre sensitive about poo, dont apply. This is by far the worst part of the just. But now you know. POO. Poo. Poo. *️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️* Morocco is NOT a rabies controlled country. Please check with your GP/Doctor about any vaccinations/boosters needed to travel here. *️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️ We have a number of dogs with leishmaniasis which is a contagious disease for both animals and humans. The dogs are under treatment to kill parasite and wear protective collars to deter the sand fly that transfers the disease. Please take some time to read up on leishmaniasis so you are aware of the risks.


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Fue la primera vez que usaba worldpackers, que iba a un voluntariado real y que iba a Marruecos! ( y sin saber inglés o árabe)
Me llevo una experiencia muy enriquecedora 🥰
La casa se esfuerzan en mejorarla cada día, pero los voluntarios tenemos que ayudar en su limpieza, como debe ser y no lo entiende todo el mundo.
El refugio es enorme y con demasiados animales, pero es alucinante el amor que te dan.
Trabajas con alegría y un ambiente genial.
A los animales, compañeros, mánagers, voluntarios y jefas no les define una palabra mejor que: INCREÍBLES.

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The work was as described, so there were no major surprises. The other volunteers and workers really contributed to a feeling of community and the whole experience was very enriching.

hace 3 meses

Estados Unidos


This was a very deep and meaningful experience for me. Although short because it was mentally a lot for me, I’ve none stop been thinking about the shelter since I’ve left. The accommodation is veryyy basic but they provide you lots of veggies, fruit, and eggs! The work is really tough physically and you will be covered in poop of different colors, dog food, and flies by the end of the day, but it is not bad if you bring lots of gloves! If you are mentally prepared for a heartbreaking yet very rewarding experience, you will forever be impacted by the many eyes that beg for love ❤️

hace 4 meses

Reino Unido


If you don’t mind muck and can handle a little chaos, you won’t want to leave this place. Prepare to be overwhelmed on Day 1, shaken by the dogfights, covered in dog/cat/donkey (or maybe even seagull) pee, poo and food, and to feel tired after a busy shift. But connecting with the animals and easing their pain, enjoying good vibes at the staff house and experiencing Morocco in a truly authentic setting surrounded by a beautiful landscape all make this experience unforgettable. Just don’t bring new shoes!

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Es un maravilloso voluntariado, al igual de agotador y al inicio abrumador. Realmente los chicos que trabajan y voluntarios dan todo de ellos para hacer funcionar este centro de rescate. Dentro de lo que es la casa donde vivimos los del staff, se convive con algunos gatos y perros que son para adoptar, tienes buenas camas, y la ducha tiene agua caliente, la cocina no esta muy bien equipada pero te las puedes arreglar.
Dentro de lo del trabajo, se respetan las horas de trabajo y no son tareas imposibles de hacer, se tiene un gran equipo de trabajo, es duro pero vale completamente la pena.

hace 6 meses

Lina respondido

Daniela came to Maa with a big heart for helping animals in need.
She was hard working and fully committed in the short time she stayed with us, this kind of commitment we appreciate.- Her love for the animals was very apparent from the start, she was happy to get involved in anything that was asked of her, and at times it can be over whelming but she handled this very well.-She was more than happy to muck in on the hardest parts of the work without a second thought, again something we appreciate with ever changing situations.

A great all round worker with a lot of love to give.

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