This is a special area, you’ll see typical African culture in here. If you are looking for real African experience and meet very open minded and easy going people you’re in the right place ;)

There is many things to do. According to your skills you can help me whatever you like. Every help it’s needed here. I will be more then happy to share with your experience. My dream is to build new library for kids in my village. Then everyone can go there and read and learn in peaceful place. It’s gonna be the place where I can teach kids. For now I’m doing this at my home. My other passion is African and Masaai culture. As long as you are here I can show you Masaai market. There is not a lot of tourist, so you can see the real African life. At the evening time we can also go together to explore local night life.

I am very friendly and open minded person. I love people and I am into exchanging culture with different people. You can be sure everyone will treat you here as a part of our family. You’ll try my mom’s food which is also a good reason to come here :p

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