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If you love mountains, hospitality and sports, the hostel will be your place. The hostel is like our "baby" and we take good care of it in order to give people that come here a good experience so we expect you to do the same. Our accomondation is very simple but we care a lot about how our guests feel and the connection between people. Especially during the pandemic, a lot of guests told us that they have "gained their trust in humanity back" when staying with us.

Everybody working at the hostel develops a big connection to the place. It can get very busy at times so we are all investing a lot of work and energy in these moments but at the same time get a lot back from the place and its beautiful surroundings in exchange.

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This was a great volunteering experience, the tasks were easy and straightforward and the agreed upon hours were always honored. Placed in the most beautiful location in the Swiss mountains :)

hace 19 días



I have enjoyed every second of volunteering here, my first time volunteering at a hostel and I don’t think it could have gone better.
The people there were amazing, both hostel guests and fellow volunteers❤️❤️
Marcus and Steph were also so kind, always giving constructive feedback and never making us work more than the agreed time
And finally the mountains were the perfect place for me to slow down, relax and be immersed in nature 🥰

hace 20 días



This was my first time volunteering and it was such a great experience. The hostel is located in the most beautiful surroundings and you meet so many others travelers. A perfect place if you want to be social, hiking and just being out doors in general! I really enjoy my stay here and would highly recommend :)

hace 25 días



First experience with worldpackers and it was incredible! Everyone was very friendly and helpful when needed. The tasks were straightforward and easy to complete. No more then 4 hours a day and the rest of the day to explore and hike.

hace 1 mes



Amazing experience for me, I liked the place and the mountains around. I met a lot of people during my stay, did many hikes and had time to work on my projects after my work. The tasks are simple and done under good conditions!

hace 2 meses

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