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If you want somewhere in the countryside where it's peaceful and calm this is the place for you if you want bars, shops and busy-busy it's not for you !!!
If you're heavy into drink or drugs don't bother.

As I have been receiving volunteers/guests since 2009 from all around the world some great some good and a few not so good, I know how to cook so the grub is pretty good, I'm still in touch with a few from back then, no staff just me renovating my home with hopefully your help :)


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Stephen is a kind man who will (if you stay) love to chat with you and cook for you. the facilities are old, as he describes and to be expected…but they’re absolutely beautiful! Thought I didn’t get to stay my full 30 days, I enjoyed my time tending in the garden, trying the gauge the volatile weather, and talking with Stephen about life! Definitely a more laid back experience where you go with the flow and take tasks as they come!!

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The room you’re provided has no air conditioning. The provided living arrangements are dirty. The house is fly infested. The host is unreasonable, very immature and rude which makes it impossible to have an actual conversation with. He’ll want you to work all day. When i got tired of being there, he refused to take me to the train station (12 miles away) and i had to walk there. He truly doesn’t care about the people that come through, if you’re not working on his time then you’re nobody.

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Stephen respondido

Thank you for your biased posting, I realise it's because I pulled you up over you helping yourself on more than one occasion, on my profile, it states "Do not help yourself to food"
I have no idea why you thought there should be air-conditioning in your room.
The living area is NOT dirty it may be a little dusty (the house is being renovated) but it's not dirty and you never said anything to me, you are the first volunteer since 2009 to say such a thing!!!
It's rural France, in the middle of summer, of course, there are flies if you leave your windows open especially at night and keep a light on in your room which attracts many flying insects, but that's commonsense.
Kendrick, I said to you that you are Asocial and you agreed, saying "your family and friends told you so too" I tried hard to converse with you, it was hard work, and you would always disappear to your room at every opportunity.
You state "He’ll want you to work all day" an interesting statement from someone that rose between 10 and 11 am unless I actually called you up, you told me you were not used to manual work as you're an artist, although you were in the garden there was as much time spent standing and looking or sitting using your phone as there was actual working, and when it got really hot who was it that said to you "you cannot work in the garden in this heat" so you disappeared back to your room.
You didn't get tired of being here, you took umbrage over me pulling you up about taking things without asking when I explained that at my mother's house I would always ask and never help myself as I saw it as manners, this is where you mumbled something about leaving.
The following day at around 6.30 am I was awakened by some noise in the garden and there you were creeping out like a thief in the night, I got up a little after 7 am when you came back to the house saying "no one would stop and give you a lift can I take you to the station" I refused as you had walked out, which is your choice, and I told you "to phone for a taxi", there are at least 5 local taxi firms that I have used.
Overall Kendrick you come across as an Asocial, little rich kid that normally can do whatever he wants to and gets his own way and when he doesn't...... oh dear !!!!!!!



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