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My name is Ty (pronounced 'Tee'). I was born in 1972. I live in Hong Ngu, Vietnam. I have a wife and 2 young children. They currently live in Ho Chi Minh City while I work in Hong Ngu.

I started an English Center in 2015 to help the less fortunate children in the area learn English.

I enjoy coffee, music, soccer, and the occasional beer.
We are looking for volunteers to speak English with our student. We are in Hong Ngu Town, Dong Thap Province. We have the sweetest children that are so interested to learning English from foreigners. Please come to visit our center.
We opened this English Center to help children who don't have a lot of money. We rarely have many chances to speak english with foreigners. We have no foreigners in this town. Thus, we'd love if you could come speak to them and help them practice English.
If you have no experience in teaching or if you are not confident - do not worry! Our primary goal is for the children to speak to you. You do not have to be a professional at teaching - just be a fun and kind person. This is a very relaxed environment. If you teach a full lesson, we will provide a lesson plan to follow (very easy, do not worry)
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Vietnam:+84918110663 Mr Ty

- You will eat free Vietnamese food every day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) - You will be immersed in Vietnamese culture - there are no foreigners in the area - You can explore the small town (island, ancient pagodas, temples…) in your free time. Many local people will smile or say hello to you Free accommodation: You will live with us in our English center or small apartment room next to the center. You will sleep in a small apartment next to the center with air con, a mattress, a blanket, and a pillow. Getting here is really easy. Purchase a bus ticket through Futabus to Hong Ngu. When you arrive, we will pick you up at the bus station on a motorbike. Our English Center is a 3 minute motorbike ride from the bus station. If you have any questions about anything, please send me a message! We will respond as soon as possible! We hope to hear from you!!

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Mr Ty was very welcoming and friendly. I also got to play and learn tennis with Mr Ty every other morning. We always have delicious meals together with all the volunteers.

Be prepared to work three times a day, (morning, afternoon and evening)as the students come in different timing. Other than having conversations together, we also have the flexibility to plan our lesson/activity to do with the students.

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It was the second volunteer experience through this apps for me and I really enjoyed it. Mr. Ty was always so friendly and supportive. I could learn a lot about Vietnam by children and they were super friendly too. In free time, we enjoyed football and gym. I will never forget this experience. I strongly recommend you to join this volunteer!!!!!

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Ty respondido

Many thanks Mina and all of your friends! all of you are active teachers, love children and always happy. We hope to see you 1 day in Japan or Vietnam again!
Thanks for your support!



The experience has been absolutely enriching, Ty is always taking care of us and satisfying all our needs. He is really a marvellous person. Kids in ths school are very sociable, open mind and so kind every each of them! The local culture has a lot to discover, its city environment as well as a calmer countryside. I would totally repeat the experience!

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Its my first time volunteering as an English teacher and I must say that I enjoyed it. I have no teaching experience specially with kids, but with the students that I handle they made it easier for me. It’s not everyday a walk-in a park but most of the days are amazing.I will forever cherish the experience. They even gave me some souvenirs when I leave.

Mr Ty is the host and I find him like a father figure. He takes care of his volunteers very well. He took me to different restaurants to try different Vietnamese food and I absolutely love it.

Till next time, farewell for now :)

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Ty respondido

Sorry so much for my reply late! Thanks Kit who always bring us smile and laugh. all of student always ask me where is Mr Kit and when does he come back? pls arrange time to come back Mr Kit, amazing teacher



I want to truly thank teacher Ty and all the students I had the opportunity to spend time with because for me this has been a life changing experience. I'll never forget my time in Hong Ngu! Ty is an amazing person who made me feel at home from day 1. We shared very nice moments teaching, playing football and eating outside. His kindness really had an impact on my experience.
I'm glad I had lots of students to speak with, from age 5 to 35.I could have an interesting conversation and a laugh with everyone knowing them better, what they do, what they like to do. I miss you all!I'll come back!

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