Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC

There are many experiences we can share in our home; we breed and raise chocolate labradors so you must love dogs. We like hiking and kayaking and are happy to share these experience with you. Jen runs a home based business out of an art studio in our home that teaches our community affordable arts and crafts classes. It's called Lost Arts Club ( ) there are many class preparation tasks that can be helped with. We need help with some basic house cleaning all year round and in the spring and summer there is some gardening.

We are a middle aged, quiet and easy going couple who have enjoy hosting people from all over the world for many years. Our home is a rancher style on 1/3 of an acre in Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island. We have a flexible work schedule and on your days off we can sometimes enjoy hiking, kayaking or exploring with you. We have a family and friends game night once a week which is a great way to get to know each other and practice your English if you need to.


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Volunteering with Jen and Jim was wonderful, I felt at home. The treatment they had with me was incredible!!! Always very attentive and respectful to me. In my free days, they always came up with some tips that only the locals have or they took me somewhere to know. We did paddle, hike, travel by motorhome, etc. There were so many good things that I can't put them here! =)
Thank you!

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Jen & Jim respondido

Thank you for all of your help and you are welcome back anytime! :)



An experience that exceeded my expectations.
Jen and Jim really made me really feel at home, as well as learning a lot about dog behavior in a pack, craft projects, the daily life of a Canadian family, besides kindly correcting me to improve my English.
It was my first exchange and it was amazing!
I thank Jen and Jim for all the attention and affection with me, and for having welcomed me into their home!

hace 3 meses

Jen & Jim respondido

Thank you so much for all of your help and attention to details. You are welcome back anytime! :)



Aprendí del cuidado de cachorros, observar el comportamiento de los perros en grupo y practicar mis conocimientos de conducta animal con ellos, por lo cual satisfecha. Sin embargo no aprendí nada más, nada nuevo, el lugar es una ciudad mas, nada interesante, la relación fue como de empleado y empleador, menos mejoró mi nivel de inglés porque ellos no estaban abiertos a comunicarse aunque fuera con dificultades, no se interesaron por conocerme o por preguntar algo nuevo. Igualmente agradecida de la oportunidad y de la confianza que depositaron en mi para el cuidado de sus amados perros.

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Jen & Jim respondido

You only seamed interested in how we raised our puppies and our care practices but did very little to help other than provide basic care of food and water. You did not help with clean up or their training. You questions many of our methods and were actually quite rude many times. We tried talking with you and getting to know but because your English comprehension level was extremely low and your attitude was quite rude we actually gave up trying to speak with you. You questioned some basic tasks helping with craft class preparations that we gave you even though these were posted as the helper requirements and all other helpers before you had done these easy tasks. Sorry you didn't enjoy your stay; we unfortunately also didn't enjoy your stay.



Jim and Jen were really kind with me, always trying to make me comfortable enough in his house. The job is cool, i found crafting is pretty relaxing. You also need to do some cleaning job, but is not too hard.

They have beautiful dogs that are the best. You can walk them with Jim everyday, i really recommend it

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Jen & Jim are the best hosts, I stayed for 3 weeks with them in their lovely home, they
were extremely generous giving food, time management and tasks, they always ask how do you feel doing something, the location is well located, stunning and peaceful, if you’re improving your English it’s perfect for practice everyday, the dogs are lovely and you can walk everyday with them, the accommodation is private, cosy
and they definitely care you're comfortable.

They need help, feel free for ask for a long time period,

I can’t thank them enough!

Awesome place!

hace 8 meses

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