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What i do is very pleasant, i usually work with plants that i pick in Sicily, doing natural cosmetics. We can learn a lot from nature. I do also some preparation for the inside of the body, to prevent or cure some different problems. I normally sell my products in different markets around Sicily, mostly in Palermo.

I'm looking for someone who can come in Palermo and help me doing my products and sellig with me a the market. It would be nice too to have someone who knows about yoga and meditation, so that i can improuve myself and also to have someone which whom i can speak in english to improuve mine, thak you!


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Mondello is a nice place to visit. A lot of outside activities for people who are on a budget. Making homemade cosmetics it's a great knowledge, but we made it only for 4 days. Fabrizio is a very closed person, and that was a problem for knowing what I was meant to do(and it pushes you away because you get tired of trying to chat). There were works didn't related to the ad, and the communication would make things more easy to get through this. I had to help on the market to get food, something that he says he would provide. I couldn't use the bike and the laundry machine either.

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I will start form the end, and this is the only time that i prefer to write a public answer.

I don't let use the all laundry machine at home just for two t-shirts, it's really a waste of electric energy and water, and i'm not someone that enjoy waisting things. Furthermore there is also a laundry near the house, if you find so terrible wash your two clothes with your hands.

I always give the bicycle to everyone, Mondello is nice place to walk with it, but if someone asks me the bicycle to go to the city from Mondello, i simply try to say the true, that in Palermo people don't know how to drive, that they don't respect anything and that there are not the bicycle lanes in the streets, and honestly, i'm always responsible for the person who stays with me working, furthermore i explained this to her, but something told me that she wanted understand.

The house is always full of food, and the first thing that i ask when someone arrives is what they want to have at home to eat for the meals, and if we don't cook at home and we are outside at the market i always ask to the person what she wants and i provide for the food.

The work that is not related with the ad i really don't understand, i asked her the week before if she wanted to come in the countryside where i have a land with goji berries, that i also use to create some of my products for the body, because of the their properties, and she says no problem. The work was just to attach some of the plants with a wire with me and two others friends, we started at 10 o'clock in the morning and after 30 minutes, without even telling me, she decides to stop, and until three o'clock when i finished, she stayed inside the house sit in the sofa.

We did natural products four days at home, we work three days in an fair event for a market, and two days in the usual market that i do in Palermo, and one day in the countryside for the goji berries, it's ten days of work, during not even two weeks of her staying here, so i think it's not so bad. The help that i request is written in my profile, working at home with the products and help me at the market.
During the three days at the fair market we work from the morning till the evening, and i thought that it was too much, so i asked her if she wanted two more days free to enjoy, and she didn't complain that.
I think that Tye is a very infantile person, and i was very happy when she went away, i'm not the most open person in the world, but i always enjoy the time with the people who comes, when they are open.
I didn't want to write this message but i prefer to explain for those who will read her comment in the future, ciao!!


I loved Palermo and the hole experience here!! Fabrizio is a great person, I had my own very confortable room and my own set of keys for the house. We worked during the day or the afternoon and the rest of the day was free for me to do whatever I wanted to do :) During the weekends we went to the city center market to sell the products, which gave me a chance to walk around and enjoy the city. During my stay Fabrizio let me use some of his products which I totally recommend, they are 100% natural... Overall the experience was awesome I TOTALY RECOMMEND IT :) missing this place already!

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Fabrizio has a relaxed, calm and good vibes personality, he really enjoys doing natural cosmetics and living a healthy life style.
I learned todo natural products and went to the market once. I think job is easy and light to do.
I had a great time in Mondello.

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The experience was ok. I think that I might have created some expectation about it. As I thought I would learn to make natural products and everything but at the end we just made it twice. But on the others I was on the market just sitting there doing nothing for a long time. I was just hoping to be more helpful. And one thing that is important is that also one reason that I choose the experience there was that I would save money cause I wouldn't have to buy food because was saying that I would have free breakfast, lunch and dinner. And in 2 weeks was like 5 times.

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I had an amazing experience in Mondello making hand made cosmetics and gardening.
Fabrizio is a very nice person and makes you feel completely comfortable, flexible with the time, gave me a lot of information about the cosmetics and I even had the chance to go with him to the market!!
Palermo and Mondello were amazing to explore, met wonderful people there and I would definitely recommend this 100%

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