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What i do is very pleasant, i usually work with plants that i pick in Sicily, doing natural cosmetics. We can learn a lot from nature. I do also some preparation for the inside of the body, to prevent or cure some different problems. I normally sell my products in different markets around Sicily, mostly in Palermo.

I'm looking for someone who can come in Palermo and help me doing my products and sellig with me a the market. It would be nice too to have someone who knows about yoga and meditation, so that i can improuve myself and also to have someone which whom i can speak in english to improuve mine, thak you!


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Fabrizio has a relaxed, calm and good vibes personality, he really enjoys doing natural cosmetics and living a healthy life style.
I learned todo natural products and went to the market once. I think job is easy and light to do.
I had a great time in Mondello.

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The experience was ok. I think that I might have created some expectation about it. As I thought I would learn to make natural products and everything but at the end we just made it twice. But on the others I was on the market just sitting there doing nothing for a long time. I was just hoping to be more helpful. And one thing that is important is that also one reason that I choose the experience there was that I would save money cause I wouldn't have to buy food because was saying that I would have free breakfast, lunch and dinner. And in 2 weeks was like 5 times.

2 meses atrás


I had an amazing experience in Mondello making hand made cosmetics and gardening.
Fabrizio is a very nice person and makes you feel completely comfortable, flexible with the time, gave me a lot of information about the cosmetics and I even had the chance to go with him to the market!!
Palermo and Mondello were amazing to explore, met wonderful people there and I would definitely recommend this 100%

4 meses atrás


I stayed 2 weeks with Fabrizio and Ciccio, his beautiful dog. I really loved my stay at Fabrizio's place, I learned a lot, I had fun, ate simply delicious food.
In these days I helped him making natural cosmethic products(really good products), also peparing some earth for a new little garden (which i am proud of) and painting a small structure where the garden is. Easy and relaxing work, as Fabri's house is on a quiet beautiful place. Fabrizio is smart, funny and deep. I had a wonderful time with him. Thanks a lot!

4 meses atrás


It was a great experience. The production of cosmetics is something pleasant to do! Not difficult, in fact its pretty therapeutic. It's nice to learn how to do your own natural cosmetics, which is way healthier to our bodies. And the products made by Fabrizio are really good!
Palermo is beautiful! It has mountains, the sea, there is something magic about that sky that has a different shade of lightly blue, and THE FOOD IS AWESOME.
Fabrizio lives close to the beach. He's kind, funny, an excellent cooker, and flexible with the work schedule.
Fabri, thanks for teaching me so many things!

6 meses atrás

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