Newsham Lodge

Our place is newly refurbished and we aim to maintain the property in its current condition while improving as time goes on. There's a real sense of scale in this location, as the property is 21 rooms over 4 floors, however does not feel overwhelming and is still cozy. The property overlooks Newsham Parks with its green spaces and lakes while also being easy access to the town centre and the football stadiums. Liverpool is ideally located for extracurricular activities both inside and out the city with its various nature reserves and proximity to the beach.

As an equal partner! This is a family run establishment along with multiple others around the country. We always have a high retention rate of staff and loyal guests who come back time after time due to the high standards we keep, the deep understanding of our staff and guests' needs and our passion for the industry. Volunteers will have flexibility in their tasks and we can adapt to their needs ensuring everyone remains content and is supported throughout.


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