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Our program is located in the city of Cajamarca, the most important of the northern highlands of Peru, located at 2750 meters above sea level on the eastern slopes of the Andes, in the Andean valley. Cajamarca was considered one of the most important metropolis of the Inca empire. Where was the scene of one of the most important events in world history the meeting of Two Worlds. Volunteer program offers stays from 03 months, 06 months, 12 months or determined by the volunteers and the organization sent time. A (a) voluntary (a) from 18 years and no age limit, supports us in one of the areas: poverty, social inequality, education, public health, gender equality, cultural identity, Quechua language, natural resources and the environment. Volunteer work, is funded by the sending organization is independent or government of the country of origin prior agreement with the partner organization.

We work so that the strong social commitment of volunteers s, is aimed at achieving mutual learning based on direct experiences in rural and marginal urban realities where mainly foster environments of peace and respect betting on the joint development. Thereby we seek to show and spread the true socio-economic reality of our region, involving Voluntari @ s in the projects we manage. We provide unwavering support for the Volunteer program, from a motivating and supportive position to understand that cultures have different ways of thinking and acting. To do so consistently we provide support in the language and the Peruvian culture, as we believe that these elements are essential for adaptation and full development of volunteers. We develop our program Post Volunteer support our former volunteers to continue managing s social development project anywhere in our region, supported by their organizations and governmental entities involved sent. With this program primarily seek global Twinning organizations involved in social development, strategic alliances, seeking to share successful experiences and work together in social development projects to benefit vulnerable groups in Latin America.

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