Ngoc Hoa Preschool

We have a quite large school with beautiful scene, alot of trees, plants and not noisy. We are not close to crowded living zones, so it's really relaxed.

I'm an open minded man. I love traveling and discover different cultures, meet new friends and help people improve speaking English. We (I and my family) are very friendly and well treated with guests, include foreigners. We really welcome you.


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The kids are so funny. I've been there during the summer camp, and I can say: this experience opened my mind. Alex is a very visionary man and his wife, Sarah, is a really good cook. I've learned new skills and improved the ones that I had. I am thankful for this time.




That has been 3 wonderful weeks. Alex and Sara welcome you in their family with open arms. They share with you their life, culture, home and food with a lot of kindness. I'm happy to consider Alex and Sara as my friends.
The work is verry interesting. If you like kids, it will be a pleasure to play with them and teach some basics in English. It has been hard to leave these cute faces!
So, I advise you to run to this incredible experience!




I stayed for a short time only, but I can say it was very different from my expectations. By the others reviews I read, I thought it would be a place that would teach me how to teach the kids, once I had no previous experience. But, I think that Alex (the only teacher you have contact in the school) is still trying new programs and methods, so he doesn't have a class plan or anything like that still. The city also has many foreigns giving classes in private english centers, so I figure many parents can afford that. Despite that, it was still a good experience, full with personal learnings.




Alex was a wonderful host, welcoming and ready to assist the volunteers in any issue that may arise. His wife Sarah is a skilled cooked and I was fed even beyond what I could take.

I made many friends and had a nice room with everything I needed. The school offered me the opportunity to learn about teaching english to children in different places and he really showed me what skills I should acquire to start a career in this field.

Just a note: the schedule was only seldom observed, this was partly the management's fault and partly the vietnamese way, but Alex is working to improve this.




Volunteering at Ngoc Hoa Preschool was an amazing experience. Alex did everything that was possible to provide a pleasant stay for my girlfriend and me. We had the possibility to teach to students of different ages, which was a challenge and at the same time a great opportunity to acquire teaching techniques. Also, Viet Tri is a city that offers several attractions, organised, clean and people is super friendly with foreigners. The school is growing fast, therefore I would recommend this volunteering opportunity to future Worldpackers!


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Thanks a lot bro! We always welcome you back

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