No Limit Hostel Lisbon

We are small and personal 50-60 bed hostel. It's mostly backpackers travelling around and it has a very relaxed environment. The hostel is located in Anjos, vibrant area in the center of Lisbon, just 15 minutes walk from the best view points in town, attractions, S. Jorge castle and the mesmerizing old district of Alfama!

We take great care of our volunteers. We absolutely don't want to make it feel that their time here feels like a job. We try to work with the volunteers to see exactly what their strenghts are and how best they can help us improve our service. We are glad to be able to provide a bed so that they can experience a city like Lisbon free of charge, while also gaining a bit of working experience that they can use in the future to secure a job as a receptionist. We are very flexible and open to all kinds of volunteers. Message us if you have any questions! Safe travels!


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Lisboa es una de mis ciudades favoritas, me siento una afortunada de haber podido trabajar en No Limit Hostel. El trabajo no es pesado, los compañeros son muy amables y el ambiente que hay es muy acogedor. Lo recomiendo. Gracias por todo.


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