Northern Blue Bird Farm

Mayo is the heart of the Yukon and our farm is only 13km out of Mayo in the nature. You can explore 160 acre by yourself or with us and you can go to Mayo in 15 minutes to meet people. On the way between our farm and Mayo is a lake where you can swim. 45km north of our farm is Keno City a really small village with the best pizza forever. And the wonderful Dawson City is only 230km away.

On our farm are only two of us Nadja and Jens, the owner. We run an egg and meat farm. We need help on different sides. We plan to build a new building and have different kind of helper jobs at this point. We have different animals - laying hens, meat birds, turkeys, geese, pigs - they need care each day with feeding, watering. We need help on the slaughter days as well. We have planter boxes and fields with different kind of veggies and herbs and we have a green house. It is not necessary to do each day the same work if you like variety.

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