Noyadd Trefawr

Beautiful countryside. Historic house. Close to wonderful beaches. You will help to make our garden and house restored and beautiful for all our guests and preserve it for the future.

It is just Quentin and Natasha who live at Noyadd Trefawr with our cat Chumley. We have two grown-up daughters who sometimes visit and many friends. We usually have just one volunteer at a time. Natasha used to be an English teacher and Quentin is learning Welsh.

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My first experience as a worldpacker could never have been better. Quentin and Natasha were incredibly kind since the moment I met them. They were always there for everything I needed, respecting my vegetarian diet (Natasha is a wonderful cooker), with a cup of tea for a break when I was working.
I worked Monday to Friday, 5 hours everyday, and the weekends I was free to take bike or bus and go to explore the amazing places that west Wales has.
Some jobs are harder than others, but nothing really difficult.
A magical place to know Wales being hosted by lovely people. Highly recommended!

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Had great days at Noyadd Trefawr! It was a good experience and opportunity to practice English, learn and immerse yourself in the culture. The hosts are friendly and help with both the language and the overall enjoyment of your experience. The place is bucolic and has a beautiful coastline.
If you can, it's a good ideia to rent a car to sightseeing in your days off.
I liked so much and recommend it.

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I had a perfect time in Noyadd Trefawr!! Quentin and Natasha were very very polite and friendly, when I arrived in UK I was excited for visiting the big cities but I found Wales and this peaceful place much better!
The room was very confortable, Natasha cook very very tasty, the location is not extremely cold, the activities are good an they respect you as a person and also your time; It’s also perfect if you want to improve your english language, we had so many chattings, they taught me new words and they were very patient at me because English is not my native language.

I recommend it!

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I had luck in be for 20 days together with such amazing family. They all were respectful, gentle, making me feel at home. Natasha is an impressive woman she is really organized, good teacher and work hard woman. I learned and enjoyed a lot. Quentin is a proper British... funny, polite and gentle. I recomend to everybody who want feel how is be in this culture. Wales is beautiful place, you can cycling around there, for me it wasn't easy but if I did you can do.... there are a lot of hills so it can be difficult... but the sensation after make you feel so good that worth it.

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Quentin respondido

Hello Adriana. I'm sorry we didn't leave a review because the link wouldn't work. So please point people to here. Adriana was a fantastic guest and workaway and we would recommend Adriana as a workaway to anyone. We enjoyed her visit and hope she had a lovely time. Good luck Adriana



I had a fantastic time at Noyadd Trefawr. Natasha and Quentin were welcoming hosts who respected my time and were easy to get along with. I had a rotating variety of tasks and received support in completing more elaborate duties. I had a generous amount of living space and was able to borrow a bike to get to the coast after my working hours. They were also flexible when it came to my vacation days, ensuring I could do the outings I wanted to while respecting our working agreement. I would recommend this experience to those seeking an escape to the country in a location off the beaten path.

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