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One of ancient capital of Japan, a famous historic city named Kamakura is surrounded by full of nature, like beaches, hills, trails, old temples in the forest, various kind of birds, and so on. Time flow slowly, people are basically down-to-earth and easy-going, foods are nice, there are so many small & cozy cafes and restaurants in town. So you can stay here in peace, and all the atmosphere will relax you.

I'm so easy host, and all our staff members are very independent. So no one will take you care too much, but we always care about you. We want you to be yourself, you don't need to adjust to Japanese way.

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Junxion was an amazing experience. Was a great way to practice my Japanese and feel the culture. everyone was incredibly nice the food was amazing and the beach is 15 mins away! I wish I could have stayed longer! Kamakura is Home. Thank you Kuni for making this place so welcoming

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I stay in the guest house likes home. Everyone are very friendly. The meals are also delicious. The experience makes me want to be there again. Thanks!!

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Hong Kong (Sar)


The best experience I have ever had in Japan! Everyone are super nice, food provided is very delicious. You will always feel home here.

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Kuni-san is an amazing host, he will make you feel at home from the beginning till the end of your trip. His amazing cooking skills will make you travel all around the world !
Being a part of his team was one of the best experience that I lived in Japan.
The work is not complicated and you have plenty of time to explore the city.

hace 2 años

Estados Unidos


The BEST experience ever!! 3 months flew by here. Kuni-San, Ai-San and the entire team soon became family to me. They are so kind and will support you in every way. Kuni-San is also an INCREDIBLE chef and prepares dishes from all over the world. He can adjust to your likes/diet and serves new dishes every day. The city Kamakura is now my favorite in Japan. The beach is near, Mt. Fuji is visible on clear days, and there are many shrines and temples to explore. Perfect if you want a local Japanese experience. The work wasn’t difficult either, plenty of free time. Don’t think twice, just apply!

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