Oki Doki Old Town Hostel

Great atmosphere created by friendly staff and solo travelers. Brand new interiors in historical builings, comfortable beds and cosy backyard. All of it makes it easy to experience polish culture and Warsaw vibe.

Definitely as a member of young and energetic, creative team. If you're a traveller/backpacker, looking for some pause, wanna settle down for few weeks and experience polish culture but still wants to enjoy the social aspect of travelling- you are a PERFECT match for us!

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I really enjoyed my time at Oki Doki! The staff were amazing! I felt this bond of sisterhood – so much love & good energy. 2 weeks felt like 2 months. It was incredible to meet lovely people from all over the world.
My role was straightforward - we had a schedule in place which made everything so easy. On top of my daily tasks, I had to organize breakfast on 2 days which was really fun!
Sadly, I had to leave 2 days early due to the rules at home w/ the virus spreading in the world. I wasn’t ready to leave. I was lucky to ‘feel’ Warsaw & I am excited to return sometime this year.




The experience for me was unexpected. this was my first time as a volunteer and i never had been imagined how useful will be for every person to live at least once in life this kind of experienced. i met amazing people specially all the staff and i discover a beautiful city during the activities of the hostel and in my free time. The acomodation was very good in a shared room with guests. Also the organization of the schedule was helpfully for me to use my free time in another personal tasks. I felt so gratefull and excited to come back to visit my polish friends as soon as possible!




I really loved my time in the Oki Doki hostel! Agata and the entire staff makes me feel like part of a big family. I’m in love of the city and I want to come back as soon as possible. The tasks are really fun and I learned a lot.




I loved every minute I spent at Oki Doki! Host, staff and the other volunteers made me feel part of the family and I couldn't be more thankful for that. The hostel was amazing, I have nothing to complain or suggest, the tasks were easy and fun to be done, in the morning I would take the guests to local tours and museums and in the evening we would always play games or join a cooking class. I ended up learning way more than I expected to!
I would recommend Oki Doki Old Town Hostel to anyone who is looking for having a great time in Poland, I hope to come back soon!




Oki doki hostel has an extraordinary ambience. People from staff are incredible, they´re cheerful and funny, that helps to bring the extraordinary ambience from the staff to the guests.
I was there for long time, meeting and having fun with guests and people from staff, enjoying the incredible city from Warsaw, I hope the enthusiastic and vibes from oki doki continue like that ;) and the next volunteers can enjoy it.


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