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If you like to meet people, have a beer, and fun in a chill atmosphere, you will surely enjoy our two hostels in Tallinn's beautiful Old Town. We have a bar with a wide selection of good beers and some wine, a courtyard with a pop-up bar open to the public starting from summer, and many events in mind.

Our staff is mainly traveling volunteers and some people living locally. Everybody speaks good English and is a pleasure to have around. Depending on the number of volunteers, we normally have from 4-12 people staying in the staff room and their stay varies from a month or a couple of months.

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I loved my stay at the Hostel. Nice people, friendly environment, lots of travellers from all over the world. Manager and supervisors were nice, welcoming and caring, patiently taught me how to handle reception tasks and they were pretty much always available in case of doubts and issues to solve. I managed to fit in quite quickly. The city is truly lovely and tidy and definitely worth a visit, plus you get plenty of free time. Hostel's location is simply ideal and lots of interesting places are no more than a 15-min walk away from there - though I found myself hanging out at the hostel very o

hace 24 días



To be my first experience, it was really memorable, All the staff are very kind people, with a good disposition, whenever they could they helped you and taught things, they make you feel like it was your home and you have the confidence to express yourself, all the nights doing reception, they never felt like work, I was all the time meeting new people from all around the world, I hope the hostel to continue with that essence that makes it so special.

hace 28 días



I loved my experience here! All of the other volunteers were so great! There was a couple problems when we first arrived at the hostel. Volunteers were expected to move into a new hostel that was just bought. This hostel was not clean, had no usable kitchen, and random people living in it that were not associated with the hostel. However, the host was very accommodating and allowed us to move into the old hostel when we expressed our concerns.
Overall, I loved my time here and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in volunteering!

hace 2 meses



I would truly recommend this host to everyone! It was my first Worldpackers experience and I feel it set a very good path for me to start on.
There were a few ups and downs (as expected with anything), the biggest downside was that the hostel just bought a new building and tried to make volunteers move into it with very bad conditions, being no toilet paper, heating, wifi, and was very dirty. Hosts were very accommodating to let us move back into their original building after just three nights. After that our experience was great! Living alongside most volunteers and other travellers! 10/10!

hace 2 meses

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Overall I had a great experience, with just a few downsides. We expect the whole shared-room hostel sleeping experience, but sometimes the hosts were not super accommodating when it came to noise, mainly from in-house construction and renovations, considering some volunteers work night shifts.

There was also poor communication and planning with sleeping arrangements for volunteers, and the hosts wanted workers to move to another hostel that was under renovation. This other hostel didn’t have working Wi-Fi, clean bathrooms or kitchen. We were able to go back to the original location.

hace 2 meses

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