Olympus Olive Grove

My mom lives on this olive grove. Has been for over 20 years now. The beach is a 15 min walk away... Mount Olympus is at the back, for the nature lovers and hikers, etc.. mountaineering club of Olympus and other regional clubs run events all year round weather permitting. Tons of history and points of interest to explore. Access by train and bus. Airport 90 min away. Great access to major cities like Thessaloniki and the North and central Greece in general. If you are into nature history and culture, you do realise all of Greece ticks these boxes.

My mom Niki is a tough woman. She is one loud vivacious grandma, let me tell you! She can be quite scary, but she's a totally softy on the inside. She will talk to herself or yell at the TV, or you for that matter, but it's all good. 🤣🤣 she is just Greek. That's how the Greeks roll. It can't be helped. She is uber energetic to her own detriment. She has very strong work ethics and even though she is very ill she will works full time on the farm. As you can imagine she doesn't take kindly to people who are lazy or procrastinate. If you have a job, do it and do it well put don't do it all. There's lots of stuff she can't or shouldn't be doing any more, but like I said she is stubborn as a mule. She drives like Schumaher and swears like a sailor. She doesn't smoke or drink, but she looooooves food, unfortunately. 🙈She loves sustainable cooking with produce straight from her plot, so she can teach you a million things from the Greek Cuisine :) b7t she speaks only Greek and understands very little English, so your communication will be through google translator 99.99%. This takes time and patience on your end. For other logistics you will be in touch with me, her daughter kelly. There's no staff. It's just her. She is a one-woman machine. 🥰 P.s. my mom is a veeeeery knowledgeable person; about EVERYTHING. 🤣🤣🤣To make matters worse, she does everything better than everyone else. 🤣🤣🤣And noooo... she never makes mistakes...NEVER... 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️So let's just say she is always right and leave it at that. 🫣


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The Olive Farm is a lovely Place with connection to the forest and ocean.
The Work at the Olive Farm is different depending on what time youre coming. Communication in forehand is necessary so you see if the tasks suit you. Working there in the summertime means drinking looots of water. (Wich is always provided & updated in the fridge). They didnt lie about the meals aswell. Its honest good food for honest
Communication is key. At this place you should be able to speek greek. Not only to talk to the Host about the tasks but to get feedback, improving points etc.

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