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Karibu (Welcome) everyone! My name is Hillary Matemu and I am the founder of One Bike, a community-based social enterprise of bicycle enthusiasts located in the vicinity of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Our Mission is to improve the lives of people in our community and to promote responsible tourism through bicycle lifestyle. Our commitment drives us to shed light on three main concepts: One Bike, One Life, One World. ONE BIKE joins together the united cycling spirit to engage people to a healthier, sustainable eco-friendly life. ONE LIFE means to transform the lives of individuals, families and communities by promoting environmental awareness, professional inclusion, mobility, support to education and assistance. ONE WORLD unify our efforts by spreading our word and mission through our social projects and volunteer program. Our current projects are: . Re-Cycling Tour - an collective activity for environmental awareness that consists in cycling looking for and collecting plastic from our streets, in the city and in schools. . One Bike Workshop - a training program for local youth that takes place in our bike shop weekly. . One Bike Nomad - we monthly take our tools to one of the villages in our region to offer free repair and bike maintenance. . Bike Donation - trough partners and collaborators we can donate bicycles to attend different needs of our community, like for students that live too far away from school, hospitals from remote areas, etc. We welcome volunteers to collaborate in our projects. You will be treated like family. NOTE: It is requested by Tanzanian law that volunteers have a specific Volunteer Visa. The price can vary from country to country. Please, check yours. Asante Sana (Thank You) for your time and consideration. I hope to met you soon! Hillary Matemu One Bike

My name is Hillary Matemu and I am the founder of One Bike. I am 23 years old, i love to cycle, i love the evironment, and most of all, i love to learn and to share ideas. One Bike is comprised of three full-time members, including myself. Volunteers are considered part of our team and are always appreciated by our staff, collaborators and friends. We take volunteers as our family and we are dedicated to make them fell confortable and to have a great time while with us. I love to gather with friends for a weekend cycling, for a happy hour or simply prepare a nice meal at home, followed for a nice chat. You are very welcome to join me!


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Hillary is an incredibly open & generous host. Although my time with him and One Bike Tanzania was short-lived (I was actually involved in a different volunteer program on a full-time basis) Hillary afforded me the opportunity to help his organization in the areas of copywriting, small business development, graphic design, and overseas marketing.

For anyone interested in outdoor cycling adventures, please pay close attention. Hillary is committed to helping his local community improve in all aspects of daily life. If nothing else, please consider donating.

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